Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 2: Semi Successfull

Lets see: How am I doing so far on the daily tasks?

1. Read my Bible more. 1 Chapter on the skytrain – Done!
2. Do 10-15 minutes of exercise a day. Did bootcamp last night for 1 hour and will do 15 mins at home
3. Drink 6 cups of water a day. 4 drank at work, 2 left for dinner
4. Blog more regularly. Happening right now!
5. Pray regularly. Had an amazing time of prayer at Life group last night and have been praying on and off throughout the day. Had a great time of Worship in the car on the way to work today.
6. Read more often. I remembered to put a book in my bag and have read it – though no transit today, so less reading, but I did read a few chapters last night.
7. Sort out the boxes/bags. Unsuccessfull.
8. Get more sleep! I was in bed by 10:30 and woke up at 7am. Though, unfortunately I had a few nightmares and had to get up and lock the door in my bedroom, I thought a robber might come in.

Last night I made roasted Tomatoes with Mozza Cheese, Breadsticks and veggie potato casserole for dinner. So good. I got to eat with the 4 wonderful friends I eat with each Tuesday. It was a wonderful time, despite knowing that the Canucks were losing as we hung out. Though I still think they can do it, and have in no way jumped off the bandwagon!

After that we had Life group where my friend Kathleen shared on prayer and I got to be reminded of God’s amazing, loving heart for us. “He has compassion on all that he has made”. Wow. We had an amazing time of prayer and honest conversation and I felt so blessed.

Then I headed back home to Skype with Paul who had stayed up ridiculously late to talk to me. I’m having a great, busy week…and I am ok without him here, but OH MAN, do I prefer life with Paul around.

This weekend I am making Easter Turkey Lunch for 10 people. It will be intense. I am stoked. I love Turkey leftovers.

Paul comes home on Friday night and I am very happy to see him soon.
Ok…I almost forgot to blog today and then was reminded..but only had this brief time because I have to head out to the Chiropractors. Hopefuly I can remember sooner in the day tomorrow so I have interesting things to say.

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