Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 4: Martinis and Friends

My friends' John and Crystal are here for the weekend. They arrived back in Vancouver from Hawaii at 5am this morning. I did not wake up to welcome them.

This evening we went to the pub together, then came back to my place to sit on our computers and have Martinis. Oh yes, we are in the big city...not taking advantage of that at all.

Paul was supposed to come back tonight but due to bad weather his flight was delayed. He should arrive at 10am tomorrow and I hope hope hope that is true because we have 8 people coming over for Easter Lunch at 1pm!

Last night was wonderful though; I skyped with Paul and then spent the evening with Jenna and her husband Colin. Fun and relaxing. I came home late and cleaned the entire house. It took 1 hours; I washed and put away all the dishes. I cleaned the living room, and inflated the air mattress (and made it with blankets and sheets) so that John and Crystal could come in early and sleep there. I cleaned our room and folded and put away all the clothes. The room was spotless! I went to bed feeling very proud of myself.

This morning I slept in until 9:30 (woke up without an alarm!!!!!), had a shower, washed and blow dried my hair, had a cup of tea, ate a bagel while reading and was out of the house in time to meet my friend Lydia at 11am at Starbucks. After a great hangout with Lydia I drove to Metrotown to meet up with my friend Ana and then buy a baby shower gift for my friend Morgan. After that I went to Broadway and Cambie to get a trim and style, and then headed to Oakridge to buy leggings (I have given in to ashamed and yet so comfortable).

It was great to have Crystal and John here though because it definitely helped me feel less sad that I was not welcoming Paul home at 11pm tonight. My friend Rebekah swang by for a bit, which was lovely.

I need to start chopping up some potatoes so that I can be prepared for my MARATHON cooking session in the morning, as we are serving an Easter Turkey Dinner tomorrow. So excited! I love a chance to cook a turkey in an oven bag. Woo.

Alright, potatoes and then bed call my name. Those are two separate thoughts though....potatoes and THEN bed.

PS.....if Laura hasn't blogged her Day 4 entry I may have forgotten entirely. The weekend is SO MUCH harder. The week days are totally do-able.

PPS. Paul bought an iPad 1. Awesome and out of character. and he joined Facebook. What has happened to my husband? Where did my cheap, non FB husband go?

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