Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 10: Almost forgot to Post!

Today I had 33 things on my To do list.

After a productive morning I now have 14…one of which is write blog entry….so 13!!!!!

Phew! Plus I did other things that weren’t on the list! And 10 of the things on the list I can’t do until tomorrow (they have a small red F marked next to them, for Friday). Woo!

I am one happy camper.

Last night was lovely, we met up with friends of mine downtown for dinner at a pub. Mark and Stacy. I used to be in the theatre program with her back at Malaspina on the Island years ago. We had great food and conversation. After that we went home, drank some Timmies, watched a show and were both in bed by 10pm. Excellent.

Tonight we are having Paul’s grandparents (Ted & Doreen – his Dad’s parents) over for dinner. I’ve made a tasty casserole, breadsticks and I’ll be making salad when I get home. After his grandparents leave I will prep the last of the food for the weekend, re organize the fridge with what’s left so Candace can see what she can eat and pack my bags for our get away!

Paul got his grades back and he did as well as expected I most and better than expected in the rest…so that is definitely good news. Especially during a semester with 5 courses, 1 summer semester away from Graduation.

I’ve created a new keeping track of things and to do list system at work and it’s been working out really well. I’ve also NOT folded my laundry yet from Monday. Still an epic fail there.

I was just about to walk out the door when I realized I had written this entry and not posted it – so here…posted!

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