Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 12: Tofino

Today has been purely awesome. Awesome.

Breakfast in Port at Millers. Leisurely drive to Tofino. Stopped at favorite rock and river spot to sunbathe (and makeout). Visit to Long Beach, complete with turkey sandwiches and a brief nap on the beach. Chesterman Beach visit. Check in to Cabin, swim, dinner, sunset. So happy. So so happy. Well the sunset hasn't happened yet but I've been told it will be awesome.

We are two happy campers. We feel so happy, lucky and ridiculously in love.

Was going to upload pictures but it was taking too long...but please know that the photos would have shown that we are HAPPY, and enjoying some kick ass beautiful scenery. WOW.


Kimberellie said...

you guys are too cute. I remember making out at the beach...that's something you do before children I think. Otherwise they might end up in the surf.

Paraphrase said...

Um... swimming? In the ocean?

Tara said... swimming in the pool and hot tub. Score!


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