Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Avelynn's Nursery & Newborn Photo Shoot

As I mentioned a few days ago our sweet baby girl, Avelynn, is here! She's a red head just like her daddy and has captured our hearts in crazy and awesome ways. And on top of that I get to finally see her in the nursery I made for her. It's such a joy to see her in the space I made for her arrival. I love how her red hair pops in contrast to all the cool tones in the space. My amazing friend Laura from Paraphrase Productions captured Avelynn and her nursery in amazing detail. She was great at capturing Avelynn and the room - and giving Paul and I wonderful experience. 

Avelynn in her crib (Ben & Noa lattice crib sheet) with some gifted stuffies and a blanket made by my Nana's sister just for my firstborn. I love how small Avelynn looks in comparison to the crib and stuffies!

We are both so in love with this sweet little one

She seriously melts my heart!

This is the face I get from her the most when she is awake and it makes me smile every time. 

Though her pink sweetness is pretty wonderful also

Passed out, just like her Dad

The nursery was something I'd been dreaming of for a while and it came to fruition better than I ever dreamed! I love this photo frame wall I found on Pinterest and tried to recreate it in my colors and themes. I also love my Ikea Raskog cart next to my feeding chair - great for holding tea, water or an iPad. I also love the Pinwheels that hang above the closet door. So fun. 

I love this shot - not only are we in love and happy but you can see Avelynn's sweet animal hooded towels, the awesome buck head with cardboard and hanging dots, and the frilly bed.

I love our crib too - I got it from Babies R Us - I also love the pouf feature that hangs above the crib, as well as the hanging AVELYNN banner.  Plus this shot of the three of us melts my heart.

Thank you again Laura - I love the photos! And I'm probably overly biased (for sure) but I am so in love with this sweet, perfect little baby of ours. 
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