Monday, April 13, 2015

Menu Plan Monday, April 13th

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 

Monday: Man Pleasing Chicken with scalloped potatoes and vegetables Pizza
Monday has been spent downtown - I drove Paul into work then headed to the Pan Pacific Hotel and Spa Utopia. I checked in early for my massage and rested and relaxed. Then I had a fabulously relaxing pre-natal massage followed by more resting - I read my drink and drank tea in a champagne flute (amazing). After a shower and a time of doing my hair (they had a hair straightener for use! So smart)  I headed to the food court nearby for lunch - reading and eating, my favorite! Then I headed towards my old work building to visit my old colleagues and after that moved on to Paul's work to see him and his workmates. At this stage I'm waiting downtown for Paul to head home with him and I'm having fairly mild to medium contractions about 10 minutes apart - I am not sure if I'll end up making dinner then - I guess time will tell!

Tuesday: Creamy Chicken Tacos

If I haven't continued in labour then I'll be making these super super easy tacos. Also I'll be having another non-stress test to monitor our sweet little babe.  

Wednesday - Sunday: YOYO (You're on Your Own)
Wednesday is induction day. Since things are already starting to heat up I think I'll plan not to plan further. We have Pizza's and such at home if I haven't had a baby and if I have then my house is on their own until we're home! After that my aunt will be over to help for a week. 
Week in Review: 
Tuesday: Creamy Chicken Tacos YOYO
Tuesday my friend Crystal was in town from the island. We met up for maternity clothes shopping (for her), baby shopping (for us both) and for tea. It was a lovely time. Then I had a wonderful rest in the afternoon before heading home to meet up with Paul so we could head out to Surrey to buy him a truck! Then we were out for dinner in Surrey with Paul's Dad & step-mom so we could show them the new truck!

Forty Ninth Parallel with Crystal - steamed milk with caramel

Paul's new truck

Wednesday: Italian Baked Chicken with roasted peppers stuffed with rice & vegetables
Wednesday is women at prayer in the morning (love it) and then off to my weekly check in with the doctor. After that I headed to the hospital for my first non-stress test. I was there for a few hours and thankfully baby seemed fine. I headed home, made dinner (no idea what I made though). After dinner Paul was off to speak at KLMS and I spent the night finishing up my shower thank you cards. Phew - done! All 65!! I finally remembered to pop them in the mail today. 

Thursday: Man Pleasing Chicken with scalloped potatoes and veg. Maui Ribs, Rice & Veg

Thursday is a walk with my parents in the morning - I met up with Hanne & Ana for lunch then headed home for a rest before meeting up with Paul and his sister for a walk around Olympic village and the seawall and then we all headed home to stamp thank you cards and have dinner together. It was lovely!

Hanne, myself and Ana at lunch. I love these women

Katie, myself and Paul - what a wonderful sunny afternoon together

Friday: YOYO (You're on Your Own)
Friday I saw my doctor in the morning (she is fabulous). Then I rested at home before getting ready for the wedding of our two dear friends, Mike & Christen. The wedding was beautiful. Between the wedding and the reception we hit up a nearby pub with many friends and it was so great to catch up. Then it was back to the reception, which was a blast. I danced  it up and man, it was fun. Didn't make the baby come, but it sure brought the fun. It was a wonderful night - fun for me and lovely to watch these two friends get to be together. 

My love & I enjoying the wedding festivities

Wedding flowers looking gorgeous in the nursery

Saturday:  Rice Casserole with mushrooms & chicken. 

Saturday we had no plans. We slept in late, which was lovely. Then we joined my cousin, LeAnna, and her family to walk up and down Fraser Street for the Vaisakhi Festival. After that we grabbed some Dairy Queen and headed home to rest. After a lovely nap and a good dinner we headed to my sisters to play cards with her and my Dad. It was a great and relaxing night. 

Silver Lining to being 40.6 weeks pregnant - Ice Cream balances on my belly

I was also right tuckered out after a couple hours walking on Fraser

Sunday: YOYO

Sunday morning we slept in, then we had a non-stress test at the hospital. We were at the hospital for a few hours and had an ultrasound which confirmed that she is in fact for sure a girl and that she's super healthy and we made a plan with our doctor for the coming days, including another non-stress test Tuesday and the start of induction on Wednesday. When that was done we headed out for Dim Sum (again). We read while eating and it was excellent. After that we ran a few errands (Costco, Canadian Tire, etc) and then we went home so I could nap (so badly needed). We hit up church for a final time without a baby and then spent the evening at home eating leftover Rice Casserole & watching an old James Bond (also a weird James Bond - Her Majesty's Secret Service).

The tracing in the NST

Baby Morgan - side profile. She looks a bit creepy in this ultrasound photo but healthy at least!
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