Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dressing the Bump, Weeks 38 & 39

As the weeks have progressed I have definitely been feeling more and more pregnant. Week 38 ended with my first pair of heels in a few years - a strange time to finally decide to buy heels. 

As week 39 approached I wore more and more comfy clothes. I love how giant my belly looks in these side shots.

For most of Week 39 as the sun came out I seemed to switch between some favourite stand by's: cuffed jeans, my grey cowl neck sweatshirt, my navy cardigan and my spring flats. 
Currently I am in my turquoise zip up and black slim joggers - I definitely appreciate comfort in a new way lately! 

One of the many little jobs I wanted to do before baby comes was to get a new bedspread for our bed - the old one was the wrong size. The duvet was someone much smaller than the duvet cover and it drove me nuts. It was off by almost a foot. You can't see the issue here, but this beige blanket was what we've had for a few years. It's been fine but not amazing. 

After searching for a long time, finally I found a new comforter that went with the room and most of the bedding - except for the three big printed blue pillows. I was so happy with the look generally except for those three pillows. Now the pattern was just too much. 

Paul suggested we sub in three grey pillows instead of the pattern and after a quick trip to Ikea to pick up some of the Gurli cushion covers for only 4.99 we had a nice and newly updated look that I was very happy with - Paul too! I had to admit to Paul that he was right, that grey was the way to go. My suggestion of white would have been way less awesome. 

While out and about I also picked up this white tray to add to our dresser to help corral the random papers and mess that normally end up landing here. 

It was a busy weekend for nursery projects as well. I'd been wanting to finish this last decor task for sometime but finicky jobs like this frustrate Paul to no end and being short I definitely needed help. For the sake of our marriage, it seemed wise to enlist help. I asked Paul's sister Katie and her boyfriend Joel to come over to help and man was that the best decision. Joel was ON IT. He was organized and efficient. Between his mind, his patience and Katie's patience and long arms we were set! We started with the clock centerpiece and built out from there. 

Some last minute touches! See how my arms would never reach the top?

It is finished! I love how it came together. 

While I was out shopping for pillows and trays I also picked up this grey and white striped pouf which perfectly matches the Land of Nod baskets in the Kallax shelving. Also seen below is my exercise ball for labouring and for helping my back when sore. And I love that it's grey, to match the room - though really it was free from a friend.

I love how vibrant the pouf feature is! Also I love the sweet white and pink blanket below sent as a gift from some of Paul's friends back home. 

Things that also make me happy: two weekends in a row we have spent time with this cute guy. Last weekend at a birthday brunch with a big group, and this weekend we had Dim Sum with him and his parents. Love, love Dim Sum and time with the Chibota's. 

As of Sunday my due date has come and gone and still no baby! I had three other friends who shared my due date and all of them have had their babies...I guess one of us had to be the late one! I'm starting to get a bit more uncomfortable though. Still having heartburn most days, but not too badly. Other than that somedays my sleeping is great and some nights I'm up at 3am and can't sleep again. It makes me extra thankful that I'm off of work. I choose to rest a lot more and man, it's helpful and nice. They say babies like coming when mom is rested so I take that to heart. Much resting is done. It's a real priority. I also try to walk regularly. I have a weekly walk with my parents, and then add some walks into other part of the week as well. And that is that, for now. Who knows when baby will come - for now I'm off to rest and nest some more!
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