Monday, April 6, 2015

Menu Plan Monday, April 6th

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 

Tuesday: Creamy Chicken Tacos
Tuesday is an at home day. I will rest and prep food for the week, and also do some small jobs around the house. 

Wednesday: Italian Baked Chicken with roasted peppers stuffed with rice & vegetables
Wednesday is women at prayer in the morning (love it) and then off to my weekly check in with the doctor. Also resting.

Thursday: Man Pleasing Chicken with scalloped 
potatoes and vegetables
Thursday is a walk with my parents in the morning - usually I'm pretty tired after these walks so I'll be resting for the afternoon and then hanging out with my sister in the evening. 

Friday: YOYO (You're on Your Own)

Friday is a wedding for two dear friends - so this is when we find out if we get to go to the wedding or we're home with baby? Who knows what the end game is! Will baby be here? Will we get to attend this wedding? When we first heard about their engagement I remember wondering, will we be able to go? Will we have a baby by then? And less than  week before the day I'm still wondering!

Saturday:  Maui Ribs served with baked potatoes & vegetables

Saturday we have no plans. Again - who knows if baby will be here! 

Sunday is church. And I don't want to cook :)

Week in Review: 
MondayCrockpot Pork Roast with Baked Potatoes, Broccoli & Potatoes
Monday was a stay at home sort of day - I rested and tidied and prepped food. I slowly made dinner and was thankful for the pace. I also did some parking lessons with my Dad to get the feel for our new van - it's so big but as always, vehicles are never as big as we think they are. It was a super useful time and I'm so thankful for it! Also this crockpot pork roast recipe was a HUGE winner and I will definitely make it again. So good!

Tuesday: Carnitas Tacos
Tuesday is Carnitas day - this dinner was a HUGE hit. I will make this again. Ultimately though I didn't follow the recipe really - I used Taco seasoning, cumin and garlic & onion salts and after cooking it in the crockpot I then broiled it in the oven, like the recipe suggests. So good! 

I had a hugely productive day - Costco with Hanne and cleaning out my fridge afterwards, then a long nap. By the evening I was bagged but at least productive. 

Wednesday: Coconut Rice with Chicken in Peanut Sauce (served with green beans)
Wednesday was a bit of a busy day, women at prayer in the morning, picking up some more groceries and then my weekly doctors check in - everything is as expected. Healthy, growing. No guesses on when she'll come but as long as she's safe and healthy inside I don't mind her staying there. Then it was time to prep for dinner and get some rest. I was thankful for both. I was also in bed by 8pm, and asleep by 9:30pm, which felt fabulous. Especially considering I ended up not being able to sleep past 2:30am and was awake for much of the night. I organized some cupboards and different parts of the house and then went back to bed around 6am and managed to sleep!

Thursday: Crockpot Creamy Chicken Tacos

Thursday was a walk with my parents (dinner in the crockpot before heading out) and a relaxing visit with my lovely friend Leah, before an evening with my sister and her boys. I was thankful for an easy dinner! Always popular too. 

Man Pleasing Chicken with Vegetables & Rice YOYO
Friday was Good Friday, so Paul was off work. We slept in, then had Dim Sum with the Chibotas (satisfying my cravings) and then headed out to Chilliwack, spur of the moment, to see Paul's Uncle Al, cousin Scott & Scott's son Braith. Braith was playing hockey - it was so fun to watch. We stayed for dinner and then headed back to Vancouver in time to watch some vintage James Bond in comfy clothes. So lovely. 

Saturday: Italian Baked Chicken with potatoes & vegetables Man Pleasing Chicken with Vegetables & Rice

Saturday was free of plans - so we slept in and it was beautiful. We made Mexican breakfast and then joined up with my sister and her kids for a walk along the beach. We headed to Home Depot and ended up leaving with two giant shelving units that were marked down from $350 total to $100. Amazing. We didn't mean to get the shelves but it was too good a deal to pass up. Paul filled the shelving and there is still so much space and it's not even organized well! Paul was hangig out for the evening with our brother-in-law and our nephews and I spent the evening with my folks and my Aunt & Uncle's family. A nice relaxing evening. 

Sunday, April 5th - 40 week, Due Date: 
Sunday was my Due Date, as well as Easter Sunday. We started off with a final Dim Sum breakfast together, as a date to celebrate arriving at the Due Date with a healthy baby in my belly. I'm calling it Due Date Dim Sum - catchy right? Anyways, as always Dim Sum is amazing and we had a great time together. We wrote out our birth plan and made our list of final things to grab for the hospital bags. Lists and dumplings and steamed pork buns and man, it was a good date. 

Then we headed off on a walk with my sisters family. We wandered around their hood and stopped to let the boys play at a park. It was a perfect sunny spring afternoon! I love all the blossoms.

Blossoms overlooking Le Marche St. George

Me and Jenna

Paul and I

Side view of the belly at 40 weeks.

Paul and I with Connor & Austin - I love these guys, all three of them.

The Maxwells! This family is such a blessing to me

Paul and Colin (or Paulie and Collie) - so thankful for great husbands for Jenna & I

Paul is often a ride for the boys and Colin is often silly. This is them in their natural habitat. Also this is right after Connor managed to headbutt Paul in the nose. 

Afterwards I laid down for a while to rest my now weary body and then after lunch got ready for church. I was scheduled to host and it was so fun to host on my Due Date. It seemed so far away originally and now it's here! I wore my new shirt from Target - I love the white polka dots and the dot necklace. I braved wearing wedges and somehow felt fabulous. On top of that church was awesome - full of faith and hope and the joy of Easter.

After church we came home and made nachos, using the leftover creamy chicken taco topping (from dinner last week) with marble cheese and monteray jack cheese, with diced tomatoes and cilantro. It was fabulous.

MondayMitchell Family Dinner
Today is a Mitchell Family dinner for Easter. I hung out with my friend Shannon in the morning for coffee, then had a haircut by my marvellous hair stylist Tess. This afternoon I'll go for a walk with Paul and his sister before dinner. All in all a great holiday weekend with my sweet love, even if our baby didn't arrive!
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