Saturday, May 16, 2015

Life with Baby

And so life with baby continues. Avelynn is 3 weeks and 4 days old. She is super cute - we are in love with her for sure. So sweet. Paul is constantly taking pictures of her (with his flip phone) and sending them to his family. I love it. 

So far this whole thing is more overwhelming and more all encompassing than I ever imagined. It's wonderful and there are beautiful moments and I'm so thankful to have a baby and a beautiful, healthy one at that. I'm also amazed that people do this single or without support. We have people still bringing us food each day (I haven't cooked any meals since having her), we have had support from so many people and I have an amazing, helpful husband - how do people do it without all this help?

Our time in the hospital was great - the nurses were wonderful. From the Assessment Room, to Labour & Delivery up to the Post Partum ward the processes were smooth and the nurses were competent, helpful and kind. We had family and a few friends visit in the hospital - we tried to keep it to a minimum and that was wise but also we were very glad to have some visitors! 

My Dad & Avelynn

Paul, David (Paul's Dad), Ted (Paul's Grandpa) & Doreen (Paul's Grandma) with Avelynn

My Nephew Connor (and the rest of his family visited too)
Hanne, Lindsay & Wyatt (their husbands visited too)

Avelynn, me and some steeped tea

Me, Ana & Avelynn (Josh came also)

Us & my parents

Janice & the proud papa

Paul's cousin Janice & her husband Alvin

Irene came over once we got home

My Auntie Debbie & Uncle Greg came over too!

Paul brought some of my favorites to thank me for my labour - he brought me my favorite beer and Salt & Vinegar chips. We watched Miss Congeniality while Avelynn slept and it was a happy beginning. The hospital stay wasn't too bad all in all.

We had Avelynn at 4:21am on a Friday and were home by 5pm on Saturday. We were given the option to stay over another night at the hospital or head home. We were torn on what to do - if we stayed we would have expert help when she fussed but if we went home we would be comfortable and taken care of by my Auntie Sandy. We chose comfort ultimately and I'm glad. There were a few brief moments in the middle of the first night when she was balling and we felt like we were going crazy and wished we had an expert to help us but ultimately we realized she was just a newborn and so it was just a matter of getting through the night with her. When we first got home though on Saturday my sister was at the house - she brought us dinner and immediately whisked Avelynn away so that we could unpack and get settled without baby - so nice! I had a shower and then curled up on the couch without a baby and with a glass of Sangria - so so so helpful for my mental state. My nephews held Avelynn for hours and that was so sweet to watch. My Auntie Sandy arrived later that evening and for the entire week was AMAZING - she cooked our dinners and prepped lunches and held Avelynn for hours each night so we could get some sleep - so thankful. We had helpful guests - who would come and hold her while we slept, who would clean and tidy. 

My aunt left on the Monday and Paul was home for one more week - enter Week Two. We spent the first part of the week much like our first week home - trying to survive it all but as we reached mid week we tried to venture out more. We took walks with the stroller, we visited some people, we even made it to church and out for dinner afterwards with friends! Getting out and about really helped make me feel less stir crazy. Combating the many post partum emotions is a huge part of this newborn stage. Generally I am not a big cryer but man, each night the emotions hit hard around 7pm/8pm. Tears & sad feelings wash over me and I make sure to tell my support people so it doesn't overwhelm me. I definitely wasn't expecting that part of this! Thankfully Paul, my sister and my many amazing best friends were always willing to talk it through and remind me that it was totally normal to feel that way. 

Friday, May 1st, was our 5 year anniversary and we enjoyed a wonderful sunny day together downtown. It was a great date and I'm so thankful to be married to someone I like so much. And just like that we were through week 2 and Paul was heading back to work!

Paul burping Avelynn

Family selfie - my arm looks weird

Serious baby

Our first Mom & Avelynn shot

David & Snow came to visit

Xiao loves hanging out with Avelynn

Taking Xiao to the airport

Then it was on to week 3, my first week at home without any help. I spent time with my sister - she looked after Avelynn so I could do some shopping on my own - and I saw her like every day, which was amazing. I visited the after school pick up at Connor's school and hung out with some favorite mom's. I saw friends, joined Women at Prayer, and walked with my parents. I also had visits at home from many many women as they dropped off food - so thankful for that! With my mother in law in town this week I haven't cooked dinner since having a baby and for that I am so thankful. I'm starting to feel like I can handle life and that is a really nice feeling. 

It was also my 32nd birthday and my sisters 30th birthday. I enjoyed time with friends and Paul and sweet Avelynn. It was a great day - very different than past birthdays but still lovely. For my sister's 30th birthday we spent the day at Spa Utopia and ended up with a great dinner out with friends. Paul took care of Avelynn and just brought her to me to feed. I got baby-free chunks of time (amazing) and enjoyed a fabulous massage. Since the following day was my first Mothers Day it was a pretty fabulous lead in. For Mothers Day we spent the morning with my family to celebrate with brunch and a big walk, after a nap it was church. This was particularly special as last Mothers Day I wasn't pregnant yet and still trying and had someone come up to me and say they felt like I was going to be pregnant a year from then - I had a few people confirm that and low and behold, baby Avelynn was here for this Mothers Day, three weeks before the day! There was a lot to be thankful for. 

Austin & Avelynn time

Auntie Jenna & Avelynn

And that, is the first few weeks with baby. I have a birth story post coming, but man it's hard to get the time to write it all out. 
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