Saturday, April 25, 2015

Baby Morgan has arrived!

Well, here we are - our baby, Avelynn Elizabeth Marie has arrived! She took her time coming (12 days overdue and with over 48 hours of early labour) and arrived Friday, April 17th at 4:21am. I will take some time to write out her birth story shortly but in the mean time Paul and I are overjoyed to be at home with our sweet little girl. Slightly overwhelmed, and very tired, but definitely overjoyed. Welcome Avelynn, our blue eyed ginger - we are pumped to finally meet you!

Avelynn, btw, rhymes with Javelin, and is the Irish version of Evelyn. It means "well-wished for or longed for child," which indeed she is. Elizabeth is my middle name, and my mom's middle name and her mom's, etc. Marie, similarly, is the middle name of the first females on Paul's mom's side of the family, so she joins Nancy Marie and Katie Marie in the names. It was fun to honor both sides of our family with her middle names.

This parenting gig is both more exhausting and more amazing than I ever expected. My heart is also definitely more full of love for Avelynn and for Paul than I could have ever expected. And most certainly my heart is so thankful for my amazing support team - labour support (my sister Jenna, and friend Hanne) and husband, as well as my Post Partum Support (my Auntie Sandy) and Paul. I seriously don't know how people birth babies or take care of newborns without a support team. These folks rocked my world. Of course no post on this would be complete without mentioning the amazing folks at BC Women's Hospital - the nurses and staff were phenomenal! My Doctor also knocked it out of the park - from day one of pregnancy to post partum follow up she was supportive and helpful and always looking out for me and my family and I am so thankful for that. 

And sidenote: does our little girl not look extra tiny in her Dad's arms? It's pretty fun to watch them together.

And we had our newborn/nursery photoshoot! 
Can't wait to see the pictures from Paraphrase Productions - I'm sure they will be amazing as normal!

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Ereka said...

Avelynn is a beauty❤ I'm glad you're well supported especially by your hubby. It's heart melting seeing your baby on Sunday and how proud and protective Paul was around Avelynn. And you have that glowing look about you. I'm looking forward to read the birth story... And also visiting you!


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