Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dressing the Bump, Week 40

Week 41 has come - I'm 41.2 today. Week 40 finished off Easter (great church service, I got to host on my due date!) and was filled with resting and monitoring and waiting on this baby. Sleep is either amazing or illusive - it switches day to day. 

The thunder bump feels like it grew greatly this past week though - she's much heavier to carry around now. I'm doing lots of walking to try to get things started. 

I'm still loving being pregnant and haven't minded that she's been happy to stay inside - as I've said before, every day without her is a day without labour or diapers. I can be content knowing she is safe and sound and knowing that she will most likely be coming VERY soon. Tomorrow is my inducement date - they start slow, but they do start tomorrow. Currently I'm on day two of slow but steady contractions 15 minutes apart. Definitely isn't very painful - just like menstrual cramps and low back pain. I'm heading to the hospital now for another non-stress test after a morning of walking with my folks. I made sure to get good rest last night through the contractions - definitely seems wise to head into this as rested as possible! 

Friends and family have been so so so supportive! Lovely texts and phone calls and messages. Our students have been so helpful also. Paul is AMAZING and so sweet. I'm so thankful to have an amazing community around me - I feel pretty freaking lucky and loved. Plus it's sunny! Sunny! Cold but sunny. Life is pretty amazing and I can't wait to meet my baby girl - soon....or something!
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