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Menu Plan Monday, January 5th

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
Monday: Costco Easy Deli Option
Monday is back to the grind day. We are swinging by Costco on our way home from work and hopefully I will be in bed by 9pm tonight! We'll see if that happens.

Tuesday: Spaghetti & Meatballs

Tuesday is Lifegroup and Spaghetti & Meatballs are easy to make! I will do Spaghetti Squash for those of us with food issues (one non wheat, one no gluten and one needing healthy choices due to pregnancy). 

Wednesday: Crockpot Honey Sesame Chicken
Wednesday is our student Xiao's birthday so I'll be making an asian dish in honor of her! and Crockpot is a necessity during the week days! Over the evening I will have Trader Joes Italian Meatball Soup cooking in preparation to give some to a friend with a new baby and to serve on Saturday.

Thursday: Crockpot Cheesy Potato Soup
Thursday we're visiting a friend and her new baby, so this crockpot soup will help get us out the door on time. We'll be taking a portion of the soup to give the most likely, tired parents!

Friday: Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops, roasted vegetables & potatoes

Friday we will have people over, I think, still nailing down the details. So I've planned a nice meal in case.

Saturday: Trader Joes Italian Meatball Soup
Saturday is a friends 60th birthday, so I'll be pulling this soup out in the late afternoon to help tide people over.

Sunday: Melt in your Mouth Chicken with baked rice & veggies

Sunday we have church at 5:30. This meal cooks in an hour and a half which means it's perfect to put in the oven right before we leave and eat afterwards!

Week in Review:
Wednesday, CHRISTMAS EVEMorgan Family Christmas Dinner
Wednesday our Christmas Celebration with the Morgan side of the family - we slept in and had a big breakfast with  David & Carol, Paul's Nanna and Poppa, as well his step sister Laura, her husband Cory and their two kids. Then we watched Adventures in Narnia and rested. That night the rest of the family joined us, Paul's sister Katie and his step-sibling Tyler and his wife Sara and their sweet son Charlie, and we will had a big Christmas dinner and gift opening. We stayed up late watching Star Trek, and then I stayed up even later chatting with Carol (so nice) and then got to sleep over in a cozy bed.

At Christmas Eve Dinner
With Paul's sister Katie and our stockings

Thursday, CHRISTMAS DAYChester Street House Christmas Day
Christmas morning we woke up and enjoyed breakfast again in pajamas and then headed back to Vancouver to home to get the turkey in the oven - we got to drive back with Katie and Joel which was nice. Around 4pm people start to arrive at our place to celebrate Christmas, we played games and watched Christmas movies. Dinner was around 7pm due to a frozen turkey mishap despite 4 days of fridge thawing! It was a full house, 24 in total!

Taken at Christmas Day dinner: me and the Whittons

Taken at the Christmas Banquet, but all of these lovel people were at our place for dinner and I like this photo, so here you go :)

This was also from the Banquet but it's so fun it makes me smile.

Opening some of our gifts from Paul's Mom!

Mitchell Family Dinner
Friday is Boxing Day - I was up early to meet up with my sister and my Auntie Lesley (and to see my sisters new house). We had some friends dropping by briefly from the island on their way further towards the mainland, which was so nice. They stayed for drinks and treats and it was lovely to see them, plus they dropped off tons of baby stuff. What a blessing!. Then I picked up some flowers to make bouquets and boutonnieres for a wedding on the 27th. Huge success! 
One of the Bouquets I made!

After the flower making we headed over to family dinner at my Auntie Debbie & Uncle Greg's - Auntie Debbie prepared an amazing mustard sauce with pork chops and dinner was so tasty! We also got to enjoy the game "things in a box" with hilarious results.

Saturday, December 27th: YOYO
Saturday was the day of our friend Lindsay and Alex's wedding - I'm brought the flowers and then stayed to enjoy the festivities. Paul was helping Jenna & Colin as they moved to a new place. After the wedding I got to enjoy a Vietnamese Lunch with Margot and Gina - so nice to spend time with them!

Me, Gina & Margot

Then I headed over to join Paul and the Maxwell's in setting up house. We stayed there with them until 8:30, and enjoyed sushi dinner. We made great inroads into unpacking AND I got to come home and watch a movie with Paul - we finally agree on Maverick and enjoyed it thoroughly!

Sunday, December 28th: Mitchell Family Lunch & Siewert/Penner time!
Sunday we got to sleep in a bit then headed to the Mitchell's for a big family lunch again, then we got to go home to rest before heading on to church. Afterwards we joined the Siewerts (fresh in town from their drive from Alberta!) and the Penners for an evening of laughing and resting and eating. So so so nice to see the Siewerts, and it was great to spend more time with the Penners as well. 

Monday, December 29th: Leftovers
Monday I slept in, then turned some leftovers into two Turkey Pot Pies and saved the rest of the leftovers for dinner. Then I dropped off a Pot Pie for my sister's family and took her boys shopping for the day so she could unpack in peace. I rested for a bit in the late afternoon then headed over to see Kari & Heather - My plan was to get as much Kari time as I could while she was in town!

Tuesday, December 30th: YOYO
Tuesday was chock full of people! I had breakfast with Lyndsay at 9:30, dropped some flowers off for a newly returned family, had coffee with my Auntie Sandy at noon, then rested for a bit and then head coffee with Kari at 3:30. I picked my Auntie Debbie up at 6pm and we headed out for some Sushi before joining the women of my family for Annie. Such a fun night!

Mitchell Selfie: in a circle, left to right
Auntie Sandy, LeAnna, my Mom, Debbie, Jenna & me.

I felt much restored emotionally after a day with fantastic women. I am so thankful to have so many loving and supportive women in my life. 

Wednesday, December 31st, New Years Eve: Turkey Pot Pie
Wednesday I spent the morning visiting my Dad and then my sister, then met up with Lydia for coffee, and also met up with my friend Kayla. By 2pm I was a bit tired but Costco was calling my name so I grabbed Paul early from work, hit up the store and was home to rest by 3:30. We were having the Roos' over for dinner around 4:30 (Turkey Pot Pie, made on Monday) and then we learned Munchkin with them, which was super fun. Friends started coming over around 8pm for New Years. I promised Paul nothing fancy, no real party, low key...and I delivered! I did no work, and we only have 7 friends over and I was related to 3 of them! It was a perfect night - 10 of us in total, including one of our students. Super low key, very relaxing, very fun. We'd planned to play games but the conversations were so great that never happened!

Thursday, January 1stNew Years DayChicken melts
We slept in, oh did we sleep in. It was lovely. I made us Mexican Breakfast and then we got ready to watch Oregon beat the pants off of Florida state. We were in full O gear, and Paul was stoked. This is the only photo he asked me to take all of the Holidays and made sure I posted it on facebook.

Our friend Oliver joined us for the game since he roots for FSU and it was great to see him. After the game I watched Pitch Perfect with Xiao and Gwen (and painted my nails) while Paul met up with his friend in Surrey.

January 2nd: Yellow Curry Thai Chicken, Coconut Brown Rice & Green Beans
Friday I had another day off! My last official day off before the Holidays. I made sure to rest and sleep in, I knew I needed that. Then I headed out to see my dear pregnant friend Ana who is getting close to baby time. I stopped by Save-on-Foods to grab fresh green beans, rice and flowers and managed to dump a ton of rice everywhere, including my boots...and then my green beans spilt all over. I had rice in my flowers, rice in my boots, rice in my green beans, and green beans all over my kart. It was ridiculous. I spent the afternoon resting and chatting with Ana, then Paul & Josh joined us and we had dinner together and played Pandemic and talked, a lot! It was lovely and restful. 

Saturday, January 3rdSlow Cooker Creamy Chicken Tacos
Saturday I had brunch at Yolks with some lovely and entertaining friends, then was off to Coquitlam to help a lovely girlfriend buy a whole new wardrobe. My friend is frugal and low maintenace but wanted to invest and up her dressing game. BOY was that fun for me. Then we had her and her husband over for dinner and another round of Munchkin, and by then I was exhausted and fell into a deep sleep.

Sunday, January 4th: Nacho's topped with leftover creamy chicken
Sunday we slept in for a bit, picked up a free Bumbo chair, and swung by John & Lindsay's to welcome them home from their holidays and get to chat with them. So lovely. We went home after that and rested some more - I read in bed in the middle of the afternoon - bliss. We had a great church service and then dinner with our students afterwards. I packed up lunches and just like that the holidays were over and we were back at it!!
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