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Menu Plan Monday: Christmas 2014

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
Monday, December 22nd: YOYO
Monday we needed to pop over to the States to pick up our final Christmas Presents that arrived. It was a hectic border crossing - tons of traffic, lots of back up, but we had a nice fake date night together - Mexican at Mi Mexicana and lots of handholding in the midst of our errands. 

Tuesday, December 23rd: Dinner with the Morgans

Tuesday was the start of our Christmas Holidays. We headed out to Surrey right after work to join Paul's Dad David, and his step-mom Carol for the holidays. We had a lovely roast dinner, times outside around the fire and lots of great conversation. It was a perfect beginning to the holiday season

Wednesday, CHRISTMAS EVE: Morgan Family Christmas Dinner
Today is our Christmas Celebration with the Morgan side of the family - so far we've slept in and had a big breakfast with  David & Carol, Paul's Nanna and Poppa, as well his step sister Laura, her husband Cory and their two kids. Now we're watching Adventures in Narnia and resting - kids and grandparents have gone home to nap. Later this evening the rest will join, Paul's sister Katie and his step-sibling Tyler and his wife Sara and their sweet son Charlie, and we will have a big Christmas dinner and gift opening. The turkey is happily cooking away as well speak. Carol does such a great job of creating a holiday and family feel - it's really wonderful. We will stay up late and play games and get to sleep over in a cozy bed.

Thursday, CHRISTMAS DAYChester Street House Christmas Day
Christmas morning we will wake up and enjoy breakfast again in pajamas and then head back to Vancouver to home to get the turkey in the oven. Around 1pm people start to arrive at our place to celebrate Christmas, we'll play games and watch Christmas movies. Dinner will be around 6pm - turkey, ham, mashed potatoes with gravy, roasted beets and sweet potatoes, roasted vegetables, buns and german desserts. I'm stoked for a day with friends and family - 22 of us! 

Mitchell Family Dinner
Friday is Boxing Day - we'll sleep in and hopefully have some friends or family join for Mexican Day after Christmas breakfast. We have some friends dropping by briefly from the island on their way further towards the mainland. Then I'll be picking up some flowers to make bouquets and boutonnieres for a wedding on the 27th. After the flower making (and a nap, hopefully) we will head over to family dinner at my Auntie Debbie & Uncle Greg's - there will be many of us - they have 12 in their family, plus our 4 (us and our students), my sister and her 5, my parents and my grandpa, and Debbie's folks. Most likely the Porters & Wiebe's will join us too. It's going to be big and lovely.

Saturday, December 27th: YOYO
Saturday is the day of our friend Lindsay and Alex's wedding - I'm bringing the flowers and then enjoying the festivities. Paul is helping Jenna & Colin as they move to a new place. I'll join them when the wedding is over. I love helping to organize and tidy and I love the Maxwell's. 

Sunday, December 28th: Mitchell Family Lunch & Whitton/Roos Christmas Dinner

Sunday we get to sleep in a bit then head to the Mitchell's for a big family lunch again, then on to church and afterwards we'll be having Chinese food with the Whittons (and Josh's mom) and the Roos' (and Drian's parents). 

All in all it's shaping up to be a lovely holiday. I'm not back at work until the 5th, though Paul is back on the 29th. I'll be enjoying a week of resting and holidays - family times, house work, seeing friends. I can't wait. Merry Christmas to all!

Week in Review: 
Monday, December 8th: Breakfast for Dinner
Monday I thought we had a meeting tonight so I made sure to have an easy dinner. Then I found out the meeting is actually next week and Paul was craving dinner for breakfast so that's what we did instead. Then a night of housework. 

, December 9th: 
Tuesday I had Discipleship Group at 8pm but ended up feeling sick so I came home early and slept so my lovely students made dinner for the house. I slept all afternoon from noon until 7 and finally felt better just in time for D group, which was lovely. 

Wednesday, December 10thChicken & Wild Rice Casserole
Wednesday we had a doctors appointment at 4:30, and then a friend came over for dinner and an evening with Paul, and I had a 7:30pm Women's Ministry meeting. I pulled out the casserole I made Monday and served that with great response. Women's Ministry meeting was FABULOUS. 

Thursday, December 11thCostco Deli Flautas with Costco Deli Tamales
Thursday I am seeing my sister, and since I wanted to be there by 6:45 easy dinner is important. I heated up Flautas and Tamales and served up a mexican dinner for the house. 

, December 12thYOYO
Friday was a surprising day - our stroller came in and we ended up going down to the States with our friends the McCathys to pick up our stroller and to enjoy Mexican food. Then we parted ways and Paul and I spent the day buying groceries and Christmas gifts and having a lovely time together. Then we were back in Vancouver for our friend Gina's birthday - so much fun! I was very tired but enjoyed myself immensely. 

Saturday, December 13thYOYO
Saturday we did errands and napped, then at 2pm my two friends Nicole & Christine over to bake. It was awesome. We made tons of goodies. At 7pm we headed to our friend Mike & Christen's engagement party and afterwards we headed over to our friend Nate's birthday and got home around 2am.

, December 14thTomato Basil Soup (Costco USA)
Sunday we could sleep in but I was up at 8am so I wrapped all the Christmas gifts and did little things that needed doing around the house. We had church and afterwards soup and then crashed into bed so tired! 

Monday, December 15th: Chicken & Veggies
Monday night we had chicken with bacon and mushrooms, roasted beets & sweet potatoes and potatoes. I prepped the meal the night before and just had to bake it when I got home. Then we headed out to a meeting at my Aunt and Uncle's that turned into a christmas party. Super fun. 

, December 16th: Appies
Tuesday we had our lifegroup Christmas party - so much fun abounded. We laughed A LOT. It was excellent. So super silly.

Wednesday, December 17th: Leftovers
Wednesday was my Mom's 61st birthday so we had my family and Aunt & Uncle over for treats and stories. It was a really great way to celebrate my mom. 

Thursday, December 18th: YOYO
Thursday we had my work Christmas Party at Edible Canada on Granville Island and it was sooo sooo fabulous. Great food, good conversation. We got home nice and late. 

, December 19thYOYO
Friday I was up early-ish for  corporate photos at work, then visited Paul at work with hot drinks, and then headed to Granville Island to see if my folks were around, as they go there every day, and they were there with my sister! So I joined them for a while then headed home to nap. I hung out with my sister for a bit in the afternoon then brought my nephew over to cook up more christmas treats. And lastly I ended up at my sisters place for the evening. 

Saturday, December 20thYOYO
Saturday we went van shopping after a long sleep in, and had a date night together. 

, December 21stYOYO
Sunday we slept in and then had our church's christmas banquet which was fabulous! It was a great start to the holiday week!

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