Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dressing the Bump & further pregnant thoughts

Blogging while pregnant has been interesting to me. I find myself less motivated. Once I get through all the things I have to do in life at home and work, it's hard to have much steam left for one more thing, even if it is one of the things that I love doing. BUT today I was feeling inspired, so here we are!

I have so enjoyed getting dressed while pregnant. Even at the beginning when I wasn't showing at all, it felt extra special for some reason knowing I was getting dressed to cover myself and another human! For the first 3-4 months I wasn't showing at all. It's only really been since early/mid November that a bump has been emerging (which was around the 19/20 week mark), though even at that stage it was pretty easy to hide if I had wanted to. I'm currently at 27 weeks and 4 days (woot) and there is now not really any hiding it, though in person, if I'm wearing all black and you see me head on, there's no real certainty that there is a bump there. 

I am finding that I made a few errors in my Maternity clothes shopping. I've somehow ended up with mostly sweaters and sweater dresses which is hilarious as I rarely wear sweaters in regular life as I'm usually too hot as it is, let alone when growing a tiny heat producing human. So I'm boiling at work most days. I'll most likely need to add some work appropriate tops soonish especially as we march on towards spring! 

I'm usually torn between wanting to get wear out of my maternity clothes, and stretch my regular clothes wardrobe to last. I don't want to actually stretch out my regular clothes though, since I like them and want them to fit afterwards. Often I'll do a mix of the two types of clothes in the week. I can get away with some lace tops as they don't seem to stretch out, and am trying to be creative with my choices. 

Without further ado, here are some of the outfits I've worn over the past 5 weeks!

It's funny...I always thought I'd be one of those women that posted weekly photos of my bump from day one but then since I gave up wheat and rice I was loosing weight and well, that seemed like bragging, to post photos of me getting smaller while pregnant, so I didn't. But now it seemed like time to pull some out. I love documenting things and getting to look back at them. And I love reviewing outfits...I'd forgotten about that grey top above and now will pull it back out again. Thank you, photos!

So far things have been going smoothly - no real cravings aside from a heightened love of ice cream. The most surprising food change has been my aversion to many vegetables! I can't stand eating Broccoli or Zucchini right now, and that's crazy because normally I love those. Also I don't like white fish currently. I've noticed that for no reason I won't want to finish the food on my plate and often pass different parts on to Paul to finish for me - certain things will randomly gross me out and there is no way I can convince myself to eat it. 

Baby has still been waking me up throughout the night, long before she started kicking. Since day one of being pregnant I've woken up steadily throughout the night, must be preparation for the new born years, eh? 

I just had my monthly check in yesterday. I'd lost 18 pounds in the first three months, then maintained that weight for another two months, then gained one pound, and then in this past big baby growing month gained 4 pounds. She said that was the goal, so that was nice to see! A pound a week is apparently what you should aim for at this stage. I chose not to weigh myself in between visits as it would be easy to make weight a priority in the wrong way. I chose to eat vegetables and healthy options, and I engage in ice cream and treats regularly. So far so good. I will be doing my glucose test soon - I need to book an appointment for that to do in the next week or two. We got to hear her heartbeat again, and she measured exactly right for her age. 

I'm still loving being pregnant - I feel happy and healthy. Yes, I'm tired, but I was tired before I was pregnant and now I have a super rad reason to be tired. I love feeling the kicks and nudges from inside - lately it feels like she is using her feet to knead on the inner walls and that's pretty cool. I love watching my belly when she kicks to see my tummy shake from the "force". She's definitely really little in there, the kicks are very soft even still. Paul is loving this whole process as well - he's so proud of my belly, which makes me feel extra happy. He talks to her regularly and is just generally super supportive and sweet about the whole thing. Our sweet little girl cleaned up at Christmas - so many gifts! There are so many cute outfits; I just can't wait to get to dress her. 

Today I began to fill in her passport paper so I can just enter the dates and birth certificate as soon as the certificate comes without having the remember to do much. As I filled in her name it became strangely real - this is a whole person I'm growing. She will have a life, and have adventures and someday she'll fill in a passport form of her own and that's just crazy. So thankful to get to have this adventure with her. 
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Mrs. R said...

Tara you look amazing and adorable! Love all your outfit choices!

LeAnna said...

I had that weird aversion to veg with both Walter & Annie. Couldn't get enough fruit tho!


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