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Menu Plan Monday, January 19th

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

I have been out sick for the past week+. I mean OUT. I missed every day of work last week except for 1, and even then I could have easily slept through that entire day also. I have tried to do a whole lot of nothing - my students and Paul made dinners and lunches all week and I rested, trying to keep myself and baby happy. I was pretty miserable all week - it wasn't a regular kind of cold, but a kick you while you're down sort of sickness so it mostly took everything in me to keep going each day. I had some weepy moments as I wasn't able to sleep more than an hour at time for the entire week - whether it was the sore throat of the early sickness, or the congested head of the latter. I felt like a wimp, but man it was bad. When I finally made it (hacking and coughing) into work on Thursday I learned that half of my office had been out with the same thing, so that made me feel less pathetic. It wasn't just me that found it bad, but it was bad for everyone. So there's that. Finally I'm back to 80% so I'm at work and doing life, with just a mild cold now. 
Upcoming week: 
MondaySlow Cooker Corn Chowder
Monday is the start of my 6th final week at work before Mat leave (crazy). I put this soup on this morning since it's hearty and healthy and easy, since my cold drags on.

Tuesday: YOYO (out at Equippers)

Tuesday is Equippers, a church wide training session. We'll be meeting out in Burnaby and I'm hoping a group of us will have dinner out together someplace first! 

Wednesday: Rotel Chicken Soup
Wednesday prenatal class #2! So Crockpot soups are a necessity since class starts at 6:50 (well it's start at 7, but she wants us 10 minutes early and Paul and I are rule followers) and is a half hour away from our house. We get home at 5:30, so that means we'll change, eat and head straight out.

Thursday: Crockpot Chicken Marsala

Thursday is sister night, so this meal means I can get out the door in time to tuck my nephews into bed and spend the evening with my sister. Love.

Friday: YOYO (Visiting friends for dinner)

Friday I am going to try Aquafit in the morning with my sister in law (I feel nervous to try alone) as giving up cycling has meant I've really given up on all exercise and I know that's not the way to prepare for baby. Especially with my growing love of ice cream. Then it's time for a hang out with my other two sister in laws out in Surrey - the four of us are having lunch together for the first time ever. And in the evening we will be seeing friends for dinner.

Saturday: YOYO (Games night at friends house)
Saturday will be a rest/work day, lots of stuff to do in the house and lots of resting to do to stay healthy, and then in the evening we'll head to New West to play board games with some friends. 

YOYO (Church Dinner)
Sunday I will be making three lasagnas, one for our godsons parents to eat, one for our house and one to freeze for later. Then it's off to church and a dinner with the whole church to enjoy having some visitors from one of our churches in the Philippines. 

I don't have a week to review for you since our gang did most of the cooking and the days I did so some cooking it was crockpot easyness (Chicken Taco Soup & Lasagne) all the way, with some Costco Deli Soup thrown in there!  

This week was a good reminder that even though I've changed our schedule and we've been taking it much slower lately, sometimes baby and life demand that it slows down further. I had to be ok with asking for help, and cancelling things and just laying down. I was also reminded of how much I feed off of seeing people: close chats with good friends fuel me. Whenever I felt up for it I tried to see people; I had a great breakfast date with my Auntie Debbie, a lovely 5 hour+ visit in Chilliwack with my old Island friend Rachel (which was so so so wonderful, we hadn't seen each other in 3 years!) and a great discipleship group with my amazing ladies. On my way back from Chilliwack I stopped in Abbotsford picked up some more maternity clothing (lighter things, I've found I'm boiling constantly) and have been enjoying trying on outfits - I have some outfits coming your way soon!

We had our first prenatal class this past week - it was excellent. We picked the teacher based on recommendations from Lindsay and John and are very pleased. Our classmates seem nice and I already feel like I learned tons! I can't wait to see how the next 5 weeks unfolds there, and what the reunion afterwards is like!

We also nailed down what furniture we want in our nursery (except for the nursing chair - so torn) and that feels good! I'll do up a post soon on my dreaming for the space, I'm just finishing up my drawings of the room. For the chair our big dlimena comes down to price and comfort. I have a bad back. I'm also short. I need a comfortable chair that supports my back and isn't too tall. I also want one that rocks, for soothing our sweet little girl. And of course, I'd love for it to be grey or black, to match the room. Most chairs that fit the bill are VERY pricey, but we're weighing pros and cons and looking at our options. I've found some seemingly good options online, but without getting to test it, you just never know! Oh the stress.

And that brings me to today - my dear friends Josh and Ana (whose baby shower I threw in December, and need to blog about because it was fabulous) had their baby this morning. Elliott is so sweet looking and I can't wait to meet him. Paul and I have the honor of being his godparents and we are very much looking forward to getting to hold him and pray for him, and watch him grow up alongside our little girl. He's going to be sooooo loved by us, and our wonderful friends. 
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