Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dressing the Bump Week 30

It's now been 30 weeks! According to my baby app she's the size of a canteloup or butternut squash (Secret, I don't really like either of those food items, but I do like her). Today I am experiencing heartburn for the first time, took me a while to recognize what it was. I'm impressed it's only come up lately. She is growing a lot, so that makes sense. She's definitely taking up more and more stomach space; every big movement of hers is felt soundly. She even, finally, kicked Paul in the face. He was ecstatic. 

Lets see, what else....I have to pee so often it's ridiculous. Like seriously ridiculous. I CRAVE ice cream in ways I never have before. I would say I have 6 Blizzards a year normally, and now I'm lucky if I can keep it to only 2-3 a week. Oh ice cream. Finally I'm no longer disgusted by Zucchini and Broccoli, so I've been able to reintroduce those foods to our meals. Paul is very very happy to have Zucchini back - he missed it greatly. That's usually a staple in our house. I still love eggs for breakfast. It started with 2 eggs every single day, scrambled, and now it's 3 eggs each day. I don't get hungry until lunch (around 11:30 most days) with eggs. If I have yogurt in the morning I just feel gross. 

I often feel like a caricature of a pregnant lady. When I wait to long to use the washroom, then on the walk there I walk in the classic pregnancy pose, belly out, arm on back. I can't keep my hands off my belly, I just want to feel her moving and respond to her movements. I love holding my belly and knowing she's in there. Sitting down or standing up involves a moment of effort and some noise and I feel like a cartoon pregnant person. It's funny how naturally these stereotypes come.

Yesterday on the way home from work exhaustion hit. Maybe she was having an extra big growth spurt or something but I could hardly function. I was so thankful that I'd been on it enough to put a crockpot soup in that morning, so all I had to do was blend it up and eat. Tasty and healthy and easy. All vital. Then I crashed for an hour before prenatal. I woke up shaky and cold, an interrupted nap is not a pleasant feeling. I managed to rebound by the time we got to prenatal class, but it wasn't easy. Paul was very sweet though. While I ate dinner he made our bed for me to nap in and moved the laundry off of the bed, and then made all the lunches from leftover soup. He is so great at being sweet, I feel so extra confident about going through labour with him. 

At prenatal class last night we talked more about labour and about pushing & birth. While aspects of that are very intimidating (terrifying) it's also so helpful to talk it over. We watched a couple videos and all of them featured people giving birth, and while it's a bit weird to watch, it's strangely reassuring. These ladies seem to make it through, they had babies and they lived through it and looked happy at the end! Years ago I watched my sister give birth to my second nephew Austin and there was something so beautiful and scary and joy filled about that experience - it scared me but got me so much more relieved about the prospect of birth/labour. Seeing as a baby is the end goal of all this (and the only outcome) there doesn't seem to be much point in being afraid or letting fear steal from this time. So I'll keep dreaming of cute nursery's and sweet baby cuddles and a little person who will be ours.

1. An outfit for hanging out: H&M maternity pants, Motherhood Maternity striped shirt, Liz Lange Maternity Cardigan and my favorite DWS Guess boots.

2. A Mondays work outfit: Grey maternity skinnies lent to me by Lindsay and black Old Navy v neck shirt.

3. Old Navy non-maternity striped pullover blouse, Motherhood Maternity Jeggings & biker boots - also worn with Liz Lange Maternity Cardigan

4. A work (Wednesday) and casual outfit, and my favorite of the bunch: Motherhood Maternity Black Skinny jeans, Old Navy Maternity T shirt, Target cardigan & necklace made by me. Worn with flats (when I overheat) or with my Steve Madden brown boots for the warm look. I couldn't stop snapping photos of this outfit, I liked the grey and pink so much!

5. Thursdays work outfit: Motherhood Maternity Skinny jeans since Thursday is my Friday (and Fridays are casual days), Motherhood Maternity black lace shirt & flats or black boots (again depending on how much I overheat).

6. Tuesdays work outfit (also comfy enough to stay in all evening): Another favorite, Paul loves this outfit. Motherhood Maternity tunic, lent to me by Emily, Motherhood Maternity grey leggings, necklace made by me & brown boots (replaced briefly by flats at work when I overheated). I love being lent clothes by people: I'm not sure I would have thought to pick this outfit out of a store and it is definitely one of my favorites. Thanks Ems!

You can see below in this shot Hanne grabbed with my phone at discipleship group on Tuesday that a) I like this outfit so much I wore it as my comfy clothes for the evening and b) Lindsay has a very cute new kitty named Teddy. 

You're welcome for how cute he is. 

Also right now heartburn, plus a super active baby, plus a busy work day remind me of how thankful I am for a very easy pregnancy so far. Lets hope the next 10 weeks are more of the same! And the countdown until I'm done work continues! 4 weeks and 1 hour and 45 minutes. Woot.
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Mrs. R said...

You look oh so adorable! Heartburn is the worst, I had it with all my pregnancies, thankful it's not a non pregnant thin for me. I remember our prenatal class and realizing that your body was created to do this, each contraction was a step to you getting to meet your babe. That helped me to visualize that with the labor. There is truly nothing as amazing as the feeling when your baby is finally laid on you after all that work! So worth it!


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