Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dressing the Bump Week 29

Last night we had week 2 of prenatal classes through Douglas College. We meet at Richmond General Hospital and our teacher is Sandy Lopez. She really is fabulous. Each class I have left feeling more prepared for this whole labour thing. So much of my thoughts usually resolve around baby, that it's helpful to have a guide for how to think and what to think about. Last night we talked about labour and I'm feeling nervous, of course, but also reassured that I can do it. That millions of women have done it before me, and many more will afterwards. That is a certainty that feels reassuring. 

I've been doing a lot of nursery dreaming and planning, I'll be writing up a post with my ideas. We can decorate the room as of March - currently we have a student in there. The student in that room is actually now staying through March, but she'll move to Paul's office for the month so that we can set up the Nursery. Since baby girl Morgan could come anytime from midMarch onwards (or even before, who knows!) having the room set up as soon as possible seems super helpful. Already we've been given or lent tons of stuff, and it's just sitting in Paul's office for now. I look forward to putting it all in it's home! My goal is to have the room fully set up by the end of the first week of March, and to have my hospital bag ready (with a list of last minute things to grab) by the end of February. My baby shower is February 21st, so that means I'll have most things I need for the room and for her arrival by then! 

I got a few new items from Old Navy, Target & H&M maternity sections this past week and have been enjoying mixing those with some old favorites from my closet. Actually I also realized that this might be a perfect opportunity to wear some of the clothing that was a bit big and that I didn't wear often...and I found some great options! Most days I do a mix of maternity clothing and regular! 

Outfit 1 is a Liz Lange Maternity Sweater Dress from Target (similar), normally around $30 on sale for $15. I have it in three colors and LOVE it. I'm wearing it with my favorite black boots (Zellers from 2012 $30) and grey maternity leggings from Motherhood Maternity (I bought them with my black pair, around $34.98 each with the second pair being 50% off), and a skinny black belt from Old Navy. 

Outfit 2 is a pair of black maternity skinny pants from Motherhood Maternity with my favorite brown boots (Steve Madden, purchased 2012) a white Old Navy Maternity cami, striped blouse from Old Navy (not maternity! purchased 2013), and favorite Target Cardigan (currently it's on sale down from $30 to $11 and after picking up a couple on sale this week I now have it in 6 colors!). I was so pleased for a chance to wear this blouse and love it - it always fit a bit big and funny and now with belly it feels great! You can see in the lower shot of this outfit that a) I can't really see my legs past my belly and b) that I switched to flats part way through the day. My boots are insanely comfortable but I find I overheat so easily that knowing I can ditch my boots part way through the day and wear flats with lots of room to breathe makes such a difference! 

Outfit 3 is also a surprise: these coated skinnies from Old Navy were too small pre-pregnancy and now with the weight loss and the change in my body they fit easily just below the bump! I paired them with a lace tshirt from Motherhood Maternity, (not pictured) a long black cardigan (similar) Liz Lange Maternity from Target (on sale for $12) and flats. Later in the day for prenatal class I subbed out the coated skinnies and switched in my very comfy Motherhood Maternity skinny jeans with my short black boots (DSW 2013). 

Outfit 4 is one of my favorites. I pulled on this TJ Maxx shirt that I used to find awkward to wear and now LOVE while pregnant and paired it with my new H&M maternity jeans and short black boots and black Old Navy Maternity cami. 

It's fun to mix maternity and non-maternity items! I have lots more to play with now. I'm super enjoying coming up with cute outfits that make me feel great even with the growing midsection! (And I know, I know, a growing midsection is good, but years of weight struggles make it a hard transition. Thankfully my little girl kicks and hits and generally spends a lot of time reminding me that this growing belly is hold a wonderful miracle. 
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LeAnna said...

I thought about [all] the people I look down on who also happen to have kids. If they could survive labour then I definitely could. Curmudgeonly approach but it worked!


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