Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: First week of September 2014

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
Tuesday: Taco's!
Tonight is lifegroup and we were out of town until last night at 9pm and I worked all day today, so I have meat in the crockpot for Taco's and only have to chop stuff up when I get home! I can eat everything in Taco's as long as I use corn tortilla's!

Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner
Wednesday I work all day, then need to visit my mom at 7pm since my Dad is away. So I will make Breakfast for dinner - nice and easy. Especially as I have lots of Bacon to use up. And I will skip the toast for me, but make it for the rest. No wheat is easy at breakfast!

Thursday: Crockpot Taco Soup
Thursday is another night with mom - Crockpot Chicken Taco Soup is easy easy easy and a house favorite. Also there's no wheat in this meal, so that's helpful!

Friday:  Zucchini Lasagna
Another tasty meal that doesn't involve wheat, and we have a plethora of Zucchini from our garden so it's a double win. Plus this dish is TASTY.

Saturday: YOYO
Saturday is an errand day and Paul will be away hunting with his Dad so I'm choosing not to cook, as most of the household will also be away. A nice break - I'll most likely make myself something easy and cheesy.

Sunday: Twice Baked Potato Boats
Sunday we have church at 5:30 it's my first time in our new building at our new time. We have a reception after to celebrate our move, so I'll be making this dinner up early in the day and people can bake them whenever they chose to eat - I know I'll be eating before heading out to church! Nice and hearty but not wheat!

In Review:
Monday: YOYO / Dinner out with Friends
Monday we had friends in town from Calgary - I got a lovely nap in before they arrived and then we headed out for vietnamese food and fun conversation. We stayed up at our house chatting and I was reminded how thankful I am for our many friends from the Every Nation Church in Calgary - U Church folk are lovely! Thanks for a great visit Carolynn and Nicole!

Tuesday: Lifegroup BBQ at Spanish Banks - Hot Dogs!
Tuesday night was LOVELY. We brought our grill and a bunch of salads and hot dogs and some camping chairs  and spent an absolutely lovely evening with friends at the beach. It was relaxing and fun. I'm so thankful for wonderful friends and beautiful beach to visit on!

Wednesday: Leftovers (from BBQ & Connors Birthday!)
We had a Lego Party for my nephew - Blog Post on that to follow! And after that whirlwind of a date we had coffee with friends.

Thursday: BBQ - Grilled Veg & Meat
Thursday evening we had a few our students home for dinner as some had newly moved in so we had a nice dinner together - BBQ'd teriyaki chicken, baked rice and lots of roasted vegetables. It was a lovely time.  

Weekend: Friday I spoke at a campus retreat and caught a nap, then we were off to the Island for the weekend. More to come on this trip: lake time, canoeing, family, friends and a wonderful wedding. Love it!

Busy week but so great - looking forward to the week ahead with a full house of students!

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