Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Connor's Lego Party

My wonderful nephew Connor turned 6 in August and my sister and I wanted to throw him an awesome party. He loves Lego and loved the Lego movie! It was a natural fit. We wanted to make sure we didn't go to overboard - he's only 6 and while he'll like having a decorated party he didn't need us to go crazy in the progress! The idea was to go for bright colors with a focus on yellow and red. I picked up streamers & bunting, lanterns and puffs. We picked up a Parrot Pinata (nothing lego themed so we went for bright and cheery instead) and some easy party favours (a sticker book and slinky).

For the table we used a red table cloth, red and white checked table clothes for the serving tables, and for centerpieces we filled mason jars with Lego and tied helium balloons to them. Then we bought square yellow plates (similar to lego head) and yellow cups (and drew lego smiley faces on them) and voila! It was a party!

We were having 12 kids, 2 babies and 13 adults (thank goodness - as adults control kids!). The adults could hang out around the table outside, while the kids got to sit right at the table. We had a drink station in the corner (Pink Lemonade and Water, as well as U-brewed beer for the adults) and the food was on the upstairs patio.


Hot Dogs
Gluten free pizza by Gina
Boursin & Crackers
Cheese Platter & Crackers
Brie and Baguette
Veg & Dip Tray
Fruit Tray
Homemade "Ice Cream" Cake (I used Frozen Yogurt instead of Ice Cream)

For activities we did a balloon toss which quickly descended into madness so an all out water balloon fight broke out. I mean I'd been expecting that but not so fast - I'd planned a few balloon games but it was like herding cats. So we needed to come up with a new game and fast! So we quickly decided to throw balloons into the field and have the kids race to retrieve them. Not that inventive but it kept them busy for a while! We moved on to dinner, then presents and ended with the Pinata. It was a two and a half hour party and was a huge success.

Every kid there got 2 tries, 4 hits each try.

The birthday boy trying!

With the bird's only impact being a slightly cocked head it fell to Paul to split it open.

As the kids ripped into the parrot and mounted the head on a stick, it seemed very "Lord of the Flies"

Connor had a blast and so did his friends (and the adults too). He was so excited: "Water balloon fight! Epic!" He also told Jenna earlier  how he wanted the "surprise" party to go: "I want everyone to be hiding, and then I walk and say 'where is everyone?' and then everyone jumps out and shouts 'surprise!'" And that's exactly what we did. It was a blast.

The aftermath

Happy Birthday Buddy. I'm so thankful you are my nephew and feel really blessed to get to throw you a birthday and give you back some of the joy you give me!

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LeAnna said...

Such a great idea. The parrot head on a stick made me laugh so hard.


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