Monday, September 29, 2014

Menu Plan Monday, Sept 29th

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie
Upcoming week: 
Monday: TBD
Tonight will be a mystery. I left the house without prepping any food this morning - so I have no idea what I'll make! I know I have some cooked ground beef in the freezer, that made make my options more clear....but still, I'm not positive. Spaghetti? Taco's? Who knows!

I need to spend some time organizing my craft / office area. I finally have a dedicated home for that and need to whip it into shape as the items belonging there are currently spread around our whole family room downstairs monopolizing chairs. Not great for our housemates. 

Tuesday: Slow cooker spinach lasagne
Tuesday night I have D group at 8, and will hopefully meet with one of the ladies before at 7 to chat more. This recipe is easy and tasty - I'll just need to whip up something different for myself since the wheat is out of the question for me. 

Wednesday: Cheesy Potato Soup
Wednesday night is another night at home, so after a crockpot soup I can happily keep working on my craft area, I want to get it way under control so I can enjoy making some crafts and having an organized office long before baby comes.

Thursday: Slow Cooker Bacon Corn Chowder
Thursday is usually sister night but that's bumped to Friday so I'll be finishing up in the craft area *fingers crossed* and can't wait to be finished! 

Friday: Easy Garlic Chicken
Friday is sister night since Paul and Colin will be out at Chapel. I love time with Jenna, and especially love a visit my nephews. Win!

Saturday: Honey BBQ'd Chicken
Saturday Paul will be out sighting his bow or something hunting related (cause I listen to him, I swear) and then we have a date with the fabulous Whittons. Can't wait! 

Sunday: Morgan Family Dinner
Sunday is church IN THE MORNING, then a lunch with friends, and then off to the Morgan's for a family dinner - I'm greatly looking forward to it.

Week in Review: 
Monday: Pork Bites, roasted vegetables & pasta
Dinner took quite a while (though so tasty) and Paul had a meeting, so I went to bed early and man, that was nice...and bed only came after prepping 5 lunches, and the following night's dinner. Bed by 8:30pm, then sleep by 9:30 after reading a novel for an hour. Oh, the joy.

Tuesday: Mexican Casserole with rice instead of noodles
Tuesday night we left one dish of casserole home for the house and took the other dish out with us - we departed from the recipe slightly, mexi rice instead of noodles and it was super tasty! Plus our time with friends was lovely, and discipleship group was really really fabulous. I was super tired when I got home though! And enjoyed sleeping greatly - despite the fact that I wake up every couple hours due to pregnancy.

Wednesday: Creamy Chicken Tacos with Mexi Rice
Wednesday afternoon I was feeling sick and headed home from work early so Paul made dinner for our house - French Toast, his speciality. Then it was a night to prep for our Saturday event so an easy dinner was super helpful. This always hits the spot and  our planning went really smoothly - we make a good team and work well together. 

Thursday: Slow Cooker Thai Chicken Curry Leftovers
Thursday night I have a work function so thankfully there was much leftovers for the house, and then Paul and I headed out after the function to pick up a fridge and see old friends. It was a really nice evening from start to finish - especially as I capped off the night spontaneously ending up chatting at my aunt and uncles with family for over 2 hours! I got home around midnight but it was totally worth it. 

Friday: Balsamic Glazed Porkloin with mashed boursin potatoes & veggies
Friday was rainy and filled with errands (and three lovely visits with girlfriends) and Paul called home mid day to ask if I could make toasted cheese sandwiches (grilled cheese) and soup in honour of the rainy day. His wish was my command. I did cheat and have a section of a grilled cheese sandwich, wheat and all, and the tomato soup was sooo tasty. The new tomato basil soup in Superstores condensed soup section is fabulous! 

At 8 we headed over to hang out with my sister and her husband - we got to cuddle the kids quickly, and then enjoy a night of card games and much talking. I had a new "virgin" beer to try that was actually decent! As well as the Mocktail Mojito I picked up at Superstore. Pleased.

Saturday: Appies - Party Food
Saturday was our Stregthsfinders event - which went so well! We met all day and had Crockpot Taco Soup for lunch which was a huge hit! And used up all my stockpile of rotel and diced tomatoes as I made 3 batches. 

Sunday: Appies - Party Food
Sunday was a lunch I was greatly looking forward to - Womens Ministry lunch! We met up at Milestones and had a fabulous time, as well as some great food. Then it was home to rest before church, followed by a wonderful church service and a surprise evening with my friends Heather and Gina to watch Heartland - a show that has the power to make me shout at the TV as all the characters are constantly being immature and selfish. It is infuriating to watch - no wonder they fight all the time, they are ridiculous! But if Tim Fleming was my Dad I'd probably be pretty screwed up - he's a right piece of work that one. I spent most of each episode wanting to punch him. And it's not even my life he's messing with! 

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