Thursday, September 4, 2014

5 reasons I buy online

Recently I read a fun article entitled “5 Reasons I Don't Buy Online.” Sarah at Tucker Up made some great points and I definitely agree with some of them. However I do buy clothes online and I do so for a few very good reasons. I thought it would be fun to make my top “5 reasons I buy online”

1. Shopping in a mall for me is like searching for a needle in a haystack – I have to go from store to store and try so many things on! Even at Old Navy (where I primarily purchase everything) it’s still overwhelming, I’m bombarded with everything I see. Online I have to search for what I want and thus don’t get as distracted by all the extras or options.

Online I can easily see all the rockstar jeans they have listed – in person I need to wander the store looking through different sections to make sure I didn’t miss some jeans somewhere. I buy less when I’m searching for an item online, than when I’m searching in person.

2. I love a deal. In person though I don’t always wait for the best deal since I’m there now and it feels weird to wait and return back. But online it’s easy! I just bookmark or save the item, and the second I get an email alert for the next sale, bam, I can buy it at a reasonable price. I haven’t paid full price for anything at Old Navy in ages! Online options for shopping often come with deals that are only online as well!

3. Returning items is almost addicting for me – it’s so easy! I can try things and there isn’t a huge pressure to keep them if they don’t fit. In fact when I’m at a store I feel bad for the employees who have to return all my items so I feel tempted to buy something to make up for the time I spent there. Not true online! I easily send it back if it doesn’t work perfectly. The return is money free and guilt free!

4. Shopping at a mall eats away at my valuable personal time! I have stuff to do, people!  The times I wait to shop in person to replace those jeans with a hole in the crotch mean weeks of wearing jeans with a hole in the crotch. When shopping online I buy it right away and it’s delivered to my door within two weeks, often faster than I’d be able to get to a mall myself!

On top of that, it’s a great use of the time I already have to set aside for sitting at a computer! My life in the evenings and weekends is hectic – I rarely have time to make it to a mall, let alone go any time I need something. I am forced to sit a computer all day and am supposed to take breaks (as mandated by labour laws) so online shopping is a relaxing and enjoyable use of that time.

5. Shopping online saves me money. It helps me shop for my needs and not my wants. When I look online I’m not as tempted by everything. In person I want all the things, but online it seems a bit more distant. I’m more suspicious of if I’ll wear something. I’m much more concious of the cost online – the bill tallies right there! At the mall I can’t see the total until I am already at the till about to pay. When I purchase online I find I’m often removing items from my shopping cart when the bill gets too high. Online I feel more responsible while still getting the thrill of new clothes! 

Plus when I shop at Old Navy online it’s a very different experience than shopping in person – in person when I’m done at one store, I’ll walk past at least 5 more stores on my way back to the car that all call out to me to shop…not to mention the food court and starbucks!
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