Monday, August 25, 2014

Menu Plan Monday, a glimpse into the summer blur

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
Monday: YOYO / Dinner out with Friends
Tonight we have friends in town from Calgary - I'm looking forward to a dinner out with them! After a week away at camp, and then a weekend doing house stuff I'm tired so it will be nice to rest with friends. 

Tuesday: Lifegroup BBQ at Spanish Banks - Hot Dogs!
It's going to be awesome! Hot Dogs, friends and the beach. Ahhhh

Wednesday: Leftovers (from BBQ & Connors Birthday!)
Connor's 6th birthday is Lego Themed - he knows he's having a party but not what the theme is, so that's a big fun surprise! I've been dreaming of lego now for weeks. This party will be at our house in the afternoon - I've got the day off for it and I'm stoked!!!

Then after the party and feeding the house, Paul and I are off for a coffee date with a couple from church - we don't hang out with them often so I'm really looking forward to the time.

Thursday: BBQ - Grilled Veg & Meat

Thursday I have to work on a talk for the following day so we'll have a leisurely BBQ together, then I'll hide away to work.  

Friday to Monday: YOYO
Friday morning I'm heading to speak at a retreat with our church, then in the afternoon Paul and I are off for the weekend! We're heading to Port Alberni until Monday for a wedding and Sproat Lake lounging. I am very excited. The wedding will be great, and the lake will be fabulous. We will also be visiting friends and family and it shall rock. 

We have two students that move in on the weekend - we spent this past weekend getting their rooms ready for them since the rest of this week is busy!

Our sweet student Nagisa left to head home to Japan on Sunday. 
She was a joy to have in our home for 3 weeks!

In Review:
Meals made recently for the first time: Crispy Black Bean Taco's{SLOWCOOKER} QUINOA TEX MEX
The Black Bean Taco's were time consuming but super tasty. I would make them again. Bit house hit & the Slow Cooker Quinoa Tex Mex dish was tasty and easy - especially with some crumpled corn chips. Both will be repeated.

Week in Review:
Camp was amazing and exhausting and relationally fruitfull and so so so wonderful. It was everything one hopes camp will be and more. Hopefully at a time I'm not so tired from it I can expand more but I'll just leave a few shots for you to enjoy - I believe they sum up the beauty of the island and the fun that is volunteering on program staff.

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