Thursday, January 2, 2014

Of fun times

I've had a myriad of photos waiting for me to scoop them up and make them awesome and immortal - but life has been busy and this hasn't happeend. But finally, with the holiday comes some time - time to edit photos and write about them. I am thankful for moments like these. I love having life documented to look back at later - capturing moments to remember years down the road. It's a gift to my future self :)

In November Paul's mom Nancy came to visit - we had a wonderful time with her - exploring Vancouver together, chatting, decorating, was a perfect time together as a family. 

I continue to see a lot of these two - my two very best friends

We joined some friends for Devin's birthday at a restuarant downtown and enjoyed a night out with 4 other couples whom we thoroughly enjoy. I love birthdays to celebrate people, and to get to spend time with mutual friends. I am always so thankful that so many of my friends are friends with each other. Makes for lovely events. 

I did some black Friday shopping with Mrs. Ana Whitton. We left Vancouver at 7:30pm on the Friday night and returned around 3pm on the Friday afternoon. We were wide eyed and awake through Target (our first stop), hit a bit of a slump around midnight at Walmart. We were re energized when we hit up Target at 3am after passing the outlet malls and their long lines we drove straight to a smaller Old Navy with no lines! We perked up and shopped until almost 5am. We drove over to a different Target to get some things we'd forgotten and then slept in our car outside of World Markets until 7am. We were a little sleepy (as you can see). Then it was World Markets, Hobby Lobby and Costco then onwards to home! I couldn't have picked a better friend to do this with - we had a wonderful time. I love Ana and a chance to spend almost 24 hours with her, including some sleep deprived dancing is always a win. 

Our friends John and Lindsay were moving the following day (after Black Friday). We spent the day with a bunch of our friends helping them move - they have a cute new place and I'm very happy for them. After the hard work we sat around and ate awesome food and chatted, all of us in their bedroom. It was pretty perfect. Then Hanne (pronounced Hannah) and Drian came over to play board games and watch movies. Again, so perfect. THEN our friend Sam had a birthday party...and since Sam is pretty cool he wanted a Roller Skating party, 80's style. I haven't done this since I was in High School and man, it's harder than I thought! But what a fun night it was!

Me, Hanne and Stef (Sam's wife)

I needed proof that this happened

Stef, me, Lindsay and Hanne

Me and Hanne

The following week (I can tell it's just a few days later since my hair is still crimped) I got to meet up with Snow and Irene (and Irene's amazing mother in law, Jenipha) to plan our friend Rainbow's wedding shower. We had a great lunch at Elephant and Castle and had a great time planning. So thankful for planning meetings that feel like dates!
Tara, Jenipha, Snow & Irene

Then we burst into Christmas - I always know the season is upon us when I get to attend Sutton Place's Gingerbread Luncheon. I get to spend a work day making gingerbread houses and eating a wonderful buffet. Always a winner in my books. 

Shortly after that Paul had a birthday - he turned 29. We shared a date together to celebrate by going to the newest Hunger Games at the VIP theatre in Silvercity Coquitlam. It's super cool - lots of leg room, comfy chairs and you can order food and drink right there in the theatre. Paul and I shared a bunch of appies and a pitcher of beer - watching a movie has never seemed so luxurious. 

We also celebrated by having some friends over. Paul requested that the party be more male heavy than female (since we always seem to be surrounded by many girls) so invited many of his guy friends (and their wives for me) and after brunch the guys left us to go on a brewery tour and tasting. The girls stayed at our house and chatted. Then they returned and we all played some Tri-Bond. It was a fairly perfect day. Happy Birthday, babe!
We wanted a group picture and to show off the "decor" that Paul used for the brunch.
Amo, guns and knives - classic Paul.

In December I hosted Rainbow's wedding shower with Irene and Snow and it was a blast! She wanted a bit of a girly/princess theme so we had everyone dress up in cocktail dresses and made "martini's" (Cranberry Pop rimmed with sugar, and topped with cranberries). It was a lovely night. Since my house was already decorated for Christmas we went with a christmassy theme, haha. I was so thankful for this opportunity to love Rainbow, and to get to spend some time with the group of girls that she is friends with - I love going to church with some fun ladies. 

All the pictures are taken and edited by Dorothy Wong, photographer excellente :)
(You can see her in the red dress below - Thanks for capturing the party so well Dorothy!)
Also, Rainbow is the beauty in green.

And that is basically that. It was a full and fun couple months leading up to Christmas - there were more dinners and parties than what is pictured here, but there was also more resting than is pictured here (because who takes pictures of naps?). All in all, a pretty wonderful fall and winter. 

Paul and I, from our Whistler Trip. I just love this photo.

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