Thursday, January 30, 2014

And tv

*written Wednesday night*
Tonight I had an unexpected night off. A night off. What magic.

I'm watching "How I Met Your Mother" and man I like this show. I've watched it since Season 1. Every year I would buy the season on DVD and rewatch it with joy. Then I kept watching it and I got people around me to watch it. Later when Paul and I started dating we watched through all the seasons...sometimes it was too dirty or risque for us, but mostly it was funny.

So in it's final season I am committed to watching it. And man, I'd be friends with "The Mother." Which I"m so glad about because honestly my Paul is nothing like Ted but in other ways is everything like Ted. They share a like "dorkiness"....which is to say they are both cool...honestly, I think they are. But they like things on the "dork scale," if such a thing exists. Also they both like Rocks and that's a sign. And they both would take you on a tour if you asked and give you TONS of details in a teacherly way.

Adorable. Honestly, I love it.

When "The Office" first came on, I loved it. Watching was a treat, I looked forward to it each week. I kept watching, Season 1, Season 2....and so on. I own most of them (and as sales allow will own them all). Similar to "Friends" (the other show I own). Anyways....then I introduced people to "The Office" as I could....addicting others. I hosted thursday night "Office" nights and showed the episodes. I loved them. When the series ended I loved the final season - they answered every question, they finished the storylines....they ended with humour and love and I, for one, loved it. They left us with the Pam and Jim I'd always hoped they would - and even gave me my Dwight and Angela ending. They got it all right. 

So when I heard that "How I Met Your Mother" was ending I thought, Oh man....I hope they end as well as "The Office" did. Because that show did it right.

Half a final season in I can say that HIMYM is doing it right. I am loving it. You've gotten me hooked on "The Mother" and made me root for Barney and Robin....and I just love it.

On a side note: I love "Parenthood". I also hate "Parenthood". I at once love and hate it. I love the characters and the story lines....and also go crazy with their communication and their fighting and their pettiness. But it's probably real life if you watched all of a famillies fighting and their extended family's fighting. But still...sometimes it's infuriating. Just tell the truth! Just say what you mean! Stop lying! Stay stuff!! Stop assuming! It makes an ass out of you (not me, since I'm not in the show). 

On another side note: I LOVE "Grey's Anatomy". Honestly. Love. I also don't love all the trauma....can't they be happy? But aside from that I love it. And I'm sooooo curious. Who is April going to pick? Run away? Jackson? Matthew? Oh my. But aside from that Oh I love the "Mer-Der" and am so torn on the Arizona / Callie situation. But....Grey's continues to hold my attention.

Interestingly I hated Grey's Anatomy when it first started....My friends Gwyn and Riqui loved it...and oh man, I thought it was dumb. Haha. Then I kept thinking it was done. 4 years in I had breast reduction surgery and had two weeks to recover and not much to do. During that time I started my facebook account (great decision) and a myspace (terrible decision, my space sucks). Then Lyndsay brought over Grey's Anatomy to keep me occupied while she kept me company. Thankfully I didn't start watching the show until AFTER my surgery (I would have been terrified)....but I was hooked. I watched every season that had happened right in a row.

I don't have a lot of free time. I let shows build up on the PVR. I don't have time to watch all the shows that I like - I follow like 14 of them and usually I get about an hour of tv time a week, at the most. So I usually have to pick one show to watch. So my shows line up.....but every week I watch Grey's. I make sure of it. I don't even realize I'm doing it...but somehow I always make the time for it, but the rest of the shows line up.

Though lately I've been finding time for two shows - Grey's and HIMYM. And then when I finally have a moment to sit and watch more tv (when folding laundry or on a spur of the moment night off) I catch up first on Parenthood. I'm still only partway through this half season though - it builds up!! Catching up on my other shows is going to be a bear! Oh man.

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