Thursday, January 9, 2014

A home for mail

I have a post coming about a DIY Bar that I created but while I'm editing photos of that project I thought I'd show you one of my newer projects from this past fall. 

We live in a house with 4 students - there are 6 people - and often we aren't all home at the same time. When the mail comes in it falls into the front entrance - and then usually it's left in a basket for Paul and I to sort through - however this means it becomes my responsibility to sort the mail and give it to each person. This gets old, since there is no set place to give them their mail. I decided to make some sort of mail sorting system - where people could put the mail immediately when it comes in, and so they could leave notes for each other if needed. There is a spot behind the door that is unused and could fit a small system - and that's right where the mail comes in, so it's easy for the students to sort through themselves. It's almost as simple as picking it up and throwing it into one spot. 

I went out to Home Sense and found a great little black wire hanging system. I spray painted some wood labels with chalkboard paint and when they dried attached them using some ribbon I had lying around. Since then I have aquired some twine and will sub out the ribbon for twine. 

I also found an old frame in the house that fit the space well, painted the frame a brushed orb color and chalkboard painted the glass (3-4 coats, always) and set that next to it. I love what it adds to the space. 

I had already done a project in this space that I was in love with. Now that I've added this I really love how it all comes together. 

One side of the space is all bright and turquoise

And this darker, more functional space on the other

We started using this system in September and I can happily report that every day the mail gets put away where it belongs and I never have to stress about getting the mail out to people. It works so well - it's one of my favorite projects to date, and it looks even better in real life....unlike these fuzzy iphone pictures. 


Gabby Gemini said...

I love this Tara!!

LeAnna said...

It's a brilliant idea! I think it would also work great for families with lots of teenagers coming and going.


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