Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Girls Weekend in Victoria, November 2013

Back in November I had the chance to get away with a group of wonderful ladies. These were all women I'd served with up at Anvil Island - some of them on Program with me, and some of them in leadership. We had all connected and enjoyed each other at camp and wanted to continue this away. It was basically a weekend filled with laughter, food, great conversation and beautiful views. 

The views from our suite

And of course, our PERSONAL HOT TUB. Are you kidding me with this??!!

We escaped to Victoria on Vancouver Island, a place that is close to my heart. We stayed over looking the harbour, and walked on Dallas Road, and it was a perfectly lovely time. Especially the times in the hot tub over looking the water. Yes, especially that. 

It is a rare gift to go away with a group of women and enjoy every single one of them. To know that if I ended up sitting next to any of them at dinner or in the hot tub we would have much to talk about is a beautiful thing. Some of these women I have known longer than others, but all of them are women I would be proud to call friends. 

The group of us

Adelyn, Gina, Margot, Lindsey & Shena

Margot & Lindsey

Me & Gina

Trying to get a photo of Margot, and the sisters (Shena & Leah)
It was tricky.

We ventured out to shop and eat and walk - we got caught in the Santa Clause parade trying to get home. That sounds funner than it was. 

We ate very well

And I finally like Red Wine!

These ladies make even a ferry trip fun

All in all it was perfect. 

And, though I don't have picture proof, the weekend started off with an evening with my Nana in Victoria and a day spent with her and later my Auntie Lesley. I had a most lovely time to start my weekend also!

And, also, here's a picture of me walking with Lesley-Ann - she asked me to go for a walk... I was thinking like an hour...it was two. My knee hurt by the end, haha....but it was a gorgeous walk and a great conversation. Thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone, Les!

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