Monday, January 27, 2014

Menu Plan Monday, Jan 27th 2014

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
Monday: Mexican Pie
Lately we've been eating a ton of Mexican Food and the trend continues. I made this Mexican Pie a while back and added it to the freezer for an easy meal, I'm so glad to have it for tonight! Also I'm having my friend Kayla over for dinner, so I wanted something that screams "I love you so I made good food!"

Tuesday: Queso Lasagne
It's lifegroup again so I wanted to try a take on Lasagna - Queso Lasagna....who doesn't love Lasagna with a bit of a mexican flair? I'll be prepping this Monday night. I'll also be attempting to make Peanut Butter Krispies Layered Brownies for Hanne and Christina's birthdays. Though, I know I don't have time to make the Brownies from scratch so I'll be making those from a mix, regular chocolate rather than the dark. I'll also be serving, I think, milk...since these sound fairly decadent. 

Wednesday: Mexican Bubble Up
We're having my parents over for dinner on Wednesday night, so we're having something hearty and tasty and kind of fun. Our house loves a good bubble up!

Thursday is my sister night so I need to be able to get out the door by 7pm. And we have some shrimp just waiting in the freezer to be used. On top of that one of our students doesn't like shrimp and she's out on Thursdays, so it's a perfect time to have shrimp!  

We have my nephews coming over to spend the weekend, so I wanted something pretty easy. I'll prep all the food during the day so I just need to cook it up when the boys are here. 

Since my nephews will be with us all day I wanted a meal I could easily throw into the crockpot in the morning and forget about all day, and then serve easily. The boys also love baking so we're going to make some cornbread (from a package) to go with the Chili. 

Sunday: YOYO
This Sunday we have a fairly busy day again - We have church at 3:30 (Paul is preaching), then it's the final Foundations, so we will either be eating dinner with our close friends in the course, or joining the big group for dinner in celebration. 

In Review:
Monday: "Mexican Leftovers" Casserole
The casserole was good, according to Paul, so that's basically a win! I tried out a new-to-me Mexican Restaurant in New West with my friend Ana, Taquieria Playa Tropical (FB link here). Ana is Spanish (from El Salvador and Mexico) and she said it was a legit place to eat! We were both so stoked to discover how great it was, and they have my personal favorite mexican dish, Flautas. We were very happy. On top of that we 1. had a wonderful time talking and laughing and enjoying our friendship and 2. Planned a kick-butt baby shower for our amazing friend Lindsay.

As suspected this meal went over super well - the only problem was it went over too well and we almost ran out of food. There wasn't enough to save for any of our students (yikes) but at least everyone who was home got to eat. This was such a popular meal!   

Wednesday: Chicken Taco Soup
I was out for dinner but everyone loved the soup! I also got to eat a wonderful dinner, I went to Toby's pub with my friend Emily. I love Toby's for two reasons, 1. If you sit upstairs it's quiet and comfortable and 2. their food is awesome, fries especially. Emily and I had a great time chatting and talking and I still managed to be home by 7.  Win! We both ordered the Pesto Chicken Sandwich with fries and were thrilled with how it all tasted. 

When I got home I knew I needed to relax a bit, but still had work to do. So I put a movie on my iPad and folded clothes from the comfort of my bed. The clothes were quickly put away and I moved out to the living room to catch up on Parenthood while sorting underwear and socks....ahh the high flying adventures of a city girl. 

Thursday is my sister night so I need to be able to get out the door by 7pm. I also have some ham at home that needs using up - so this is perfect! I'll serve it with rice or noodles (depending on my mood) and Asparagus, Zucchini & Broccoli. 

I spent the morning swimming with my mom, her caregiver Leanne, and my sister and's a nice way to start the day!

Then I had a great friend, Elle, over for lunch. I made us some Healthy Chicken Parmesan Wraps (oh so so so tasty) and served that with a side salad. It was a lunch full of win. On top of that we had some wonderful, deep conversation. I love chatting with Elle, she is so wise and so open to new ideas and conversations, it's always a pleasure to talk with her. 

I spent the afternoon getting ready for a night of projects with Paul - I painted a few things, and organized some other things and got ready for a time of hard work!

I have to be in a specific mood for finicky and I sure wasn't in that mood Friday. Instead I used that night to make Chicken Cordon Bleu (that I'd been supposed to make Thursday). I served it with Zucchini Pizza Bites, leftover mashed potatoes & leftover salad (from lunch). 

After dinner we spent the entire night tidying, organizing, gutting and purging. We redid the laundry room and it is finally tidy and organized. Pictures to come!

Saturday: YOYO
I spent the afternoon with Irene and Mila helping plan Mila's end of June wedding. We came up with some AWESOME decor ideas and the wedding is going to be beautiful! Mila has been my friend since she moved here, October of 2008. She moved into my Aunt's home where I was living at the time and I instantly thought she was awesome. I love being in church with her, and am so glad she's found the guy of her dreams. Benni is pretty awesome, despite the fact that he and Mila will be going to his church after they are married (sad for EN, but lucky for Benni's church!). Getting to help with her wedding is super awesome....I think of Mila like a little sister as her big brother Daniel was one of Paul's best friends (when Daniel still lived in Canada) and was in our wedding....he seems like a brother, therefore Mila is little sister. 

Trying to find a photo of Mila and I was so tricky! In every shot we're either in costumes or looking really silly....the shots below are just a few samples of the silliness. 
And every photo were we look great is in a group shot at a wedding or church there you go. Mila and I are off to the left in the group shot. And we need to remember to start getting photos together when we look good!

In the evening Paul and I headed out to Surrey for his Nanna's birthday, we could only stay for appies as we'd had long prearranged plans, but we were so glad to join for a bit. Then we headed out with some friends for Dine Out Vancouver, at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co., it was a great place to eat. I had the Dill Fettucini and it was excellent. 

Then we headed out to The Princeton for 10pm...our friend Sam (and Jonathan's) band, East of Main, was playing and we try to hit up as many of their shows as we can. Tons of our friends were there, the venue wasn't as scary as the location made it seem, and of course the music was excellent. I finally bought their CD and have been listening to it non-stop since Saturday. 

Sunday: YOYO
This Sunday we had a fairly busy day - We had friends over at 1 to talk about church and lifegroup, then church at 3:30, followed by Foundations...and lastly at 7pm we went out to Chipotle with our friends to celebrate Hanne's birthday! Chipotle was better than I expected (having only had one lackluster experience two years ago in Nashville) and the conversation around the table was uproarious. 

My personal favorite line of the night came after Paul shocked the guys at the table by saying he did like donuts, and admitted that if pressed he only liked Old Fashioned Plain. To which I replied in excitement, "Old Fashioned Plain, I feel like that's the best description of Paul I've ever heard."

Afterwards we headed back to our house for DQ Ice Cream Cake and lots of laughter and talking, including most embarrassing moments and more. At 9:30 I kindly kicked everyone out so I could make lunches and hit the hay. 

All in all, another great week. Looking back though I realized that between breaking the fast, Dine Out, two dates with friends and some other random moments one or both of us had eaten out 6 times in 10 days!!! Normally we eat out MAYBE once a month, MAYBE. Weeks like this are always a bit of a hit to the budget!

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