Monday, February 3, 2014

Laundry Room Makeover

So back before we moved into our house I dreamed about a beautiful laundry room. We moved in December 2012 and our Laundry room has stayed, roughly, the same. 
Day 1....Laundry Room. Complete with some Acetone & old Sunlight. 

The future hunting room, edge of the laundry room & future home of the deep freezer. 

Future folding/drying area

Currently it was looking roughly the same. Just a lot fuller. May I say this is a sadness to me? Our laundry room is kind of ugly and man, it's sad. BUT moving is life and it means that you have to tackle one area at a time. So we tackled the main areas. Then we tackled the closets and cupboards. Next up was our office/guest room/craft room and that is still on the way but it's workable...liveable. Lastly was our bedroom which we did in November (complete except for 3 pillows I'm sewing, then I'll reveal the room). Since the office/guest room/craft room needs some money put into it to finish up (curtains, bedding, etc), and our bedroom needs me to conquer my fear of sewing, I decided to start with the one spot that could be saved with sheer grunt labour and no money. Which is perfect, since I have no money and Paul has grunt labour....soooo yeah. 

Basically here's the you can see our laundry room is kind of ugly. Our laundry room is also attached to a space we call "The Hunting Room" where Paul keeps his hunting and our camping gear. It's also the area where we hang up our cycling clothes each evening after biking to and from work. It's also where my deep freeze lives....and for the last 6 months it's where we've kept all sort of crap. Like a lot of crap. Not bad crap...just stuff. Binders, notebooks, boxes of pictures and memories and containers and drawer organizers. All stuff that I wanted to keep but just let pile up. Basically all of this...

Was in here...

(The folding/drying area, including free cabinet gained in a work move)

And Paul's hunting area was a zoo. Half organized but pretty messy. Hunting/Camping in the back, Cycling Gear on the left and Freezer on the right. 

The deep freeze and all the paper products - paper towel, toilet paper & tissue. 

And then there's the actual laundry area. Washer, Dryer & laundry sink, with dryer shaft and ugly brown rickety shelves. 

First up, I pulled down the ugly brown shelves and gave them two coats of white primer - amazing how cheerful things look when painted white. Then after we sorted through all the crap that we'd moved to the family room and found everything a new home,  I started grabbing things to organize the laundry paraphernalia in. I grabbed three plastic bins to hold batteries and lightbulbs. I'd  grabbed two bins on clearance at Target a while back and they were perfect for corralling the larger office things. 

Finally, tidy and organized. 

This area isn't pretty but it's clean, tidy, vacuumed and efficient. When the rack isn't in use it is folded up behind the counter and the counter is great for folding towels and more. 

We tidied up the last of the hunting area, organized the paper supplies on top of the freezer and everything finally had a home. 

Part of me didn't want to share these pictures - I know how amazing laundry room reveals can look and our space is complete with dirty carpets, a random space and no money to add to it. But honestly, it looks a thousand times better than it did and it makes it so much easier for our roommates and us to keep clean when it looks nice and tidy. 

I definitely consider this basement space a win. And thankfully Paul is stoked also. Which is good since Paul does half the laundry  - best husband ever. Laundry for the win, am I right?

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