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Wow, it's been a while since I last wrote - 13 days to be exact! What a crazy couple weeks. 

We had our big office move this past week and wow - what an ordeal! Myself and the other admin staff worked hard to make it happen. Our boss Leigh is amazing and can work tirelessly. I am so glad we're done. Leigh has let Irene and I go to town on organizing and labelling and we've made sure to go for function and looks and man, this place is looking great. A few long days (last wednesday was 12 hours), a bit of weekend work (Irene and I dragged our husbands in to help us Sunday) and it's starting to get back to normal around here. 

1. Part of the view from our new building  2. Labels in our new kitchen  3. Sugar, Tea & Nespresso holder with labels

Lunch after our move at work with our husbands and our manager, Leigh. 

On top of the work move, life itself is as busy as normal. Each day I make dinner for the 6 of us, and pack lunches for everyone. Add to that normal laundry and tidying and that adds up to a lot of time! On top of that I'm decorating and redoing some furniture. I'm partway done two furniture revamp projects, and have completed 3 projects already. Details to come on those, but here's a sneak peak of some spaces. 

Revamped Entryway

As well it's still very much summer - which means friends, fun and weddings! We've had patio BBQ's with many of our friends - we love our BBQ and patio. What a blessing. We've gone to people's houses, sat in backyards and roasted food over fires or played cards to lantern light. We attend picnics and brunches and meet up with folks whenever we can. We're living like it's summer and we love it! 

TC's birthday brunch

Cards and Backyard BBQ's

Church Picnic   1. Girls   2. Boys Playing football (Paul in his happy place)   3. Me and my sister

Also Paul got to officiate a wedding! Sadly my uncle (and our pastor) wasn't feeling feeling well and needed Paul to step in with a week's notice. Paul was stoked for the opportunity and did a wonderful job - his little sermon was truly a great start to a marriage - conviction, purpose and joy. And this was one wedding I got to just attend and not work at! On top of that it was full of friends that I really really like. We don't know the bride and groom super well yet, but they're a couple that we have always wanted to get to know, so this was a great introduction. Plus there were philipino's and dancing - that's a win no matter what else happens. 

1. Larry and Yhan  2. Julie & I   3. The happy couple with Paul
4. Arlene & I   5. The other happy couple, me and Paul
6 & 7. Wedding shots

More #vanbeauty at the wedding venue, Brock House. 

In the spirit of weddings I attended my friend Ereka's wedding shower which was Movie Character themed - I couldn't decide who to dress up as (as they invite requested) and finally decided to go as the Runaway Bride, complete with sneakers and my wedding dress. I felt a bit silly but it was a lot of fun and I would have won if I hadn't had to leave early - the runaway bride truly did runaway!

1. Arlene and I   2. Corrie and I   3. Me in all my runaway bride finery

Paul graduates from University in 3 weeks as a teacher and his program was throwing a grad party at the Hyatt Regency downtown to celebrate. We went out for a night of great food, dancing and conversation. We had a good time - though I forget what it's like dancing with people who want to hook up. I'm used to doing a lot of dancing in a group full of people I know at weddings or church parties - I'd forgotten how weird and sort of sad it is back out in the real world. At our parties you get to dance with friends - no one is worried about trying to find someone to grind with - you just get to be silly and have fun - no need to look extra sexy. We attended this party the same day as the previously mentioned wedding, and it was such a shocking contrast to me to see how different the dance parties were - and how much more fun a dance party is when it's actually about dancing and have fun, and not be touching bodies and hook ups. I never would have believe that in my bar star days and am so glad to see the change. 

We've had a wonderful summer in our home - on top of loving our patio and BBQ we've also been loving our students. Langara sent us a 5 week Quebec student (Rachel) and a 4 months Brazillian Student (Ana). We lucked out with these girls for sure! On top of that we have our original student (original Rachel) who has taken these girls under her wing to make real friendships with both of them. It's like a girls night hang out every day at our house! On top of that Duncan continues to be a great addition to our house, and Paul and I sincerely thank the Lord regularly for the blessing our home and these students are to us. We could not be more grateful for all God has done. 

At the French Explore Program Picnic

1. Paul and TC, host Dad's extraordinaire  2. Me and my girls; Rachel, Rachel and Ana   3. TC & Emilie & Emilie and me

1. Our whole group French Explore Picnic   2. Paul and TC manning our picnic area

Paul playing football

Here are the views around the picnic    #vancitylove

Well wait, we could actually be more grateful if we were to find a job for Paul in the fall. We would definitely be over the moon grateful if that happened. We are believing God for opportunities, despite what a long shot that is. If you're a praying sort of person, would you join us in prayer on this?

Oh....and yes, there is another thing we are praying for that hasn't happened yet - we've started on the "trying to make a baby journey." Nothing intense yet - we want to start without stress or agenda. We trust that when God has a child for us, he will make that happen. In December if nothing has happened we will begin paying more attention to dates and charts and stuff, but for now we're trying to be carefree and not stress. I'm rather controlling (shocker) so I am trying to reign that tendency in for a bit. 

Some people might find it strange that I'm blogging about all this (and others will find it totally normal) but for me I like to document my life to look back later, and love to share what's really going on - I am terrible at keeping my own secrets (though good at keeping other people's secrets, I promise). When it comes to me though, I'm an open book. I just don't see the point of keeping things hidden, or having taboo topics. If you have questions, I'll answer them. If I'm wanting to "think out loud" on my blog on a topic, I'll do that. Within reason because of course I'm not stupid and there are some things that don't need to be said, especially on the internet. 

Alright - well that sort of catches us up to today - I'll be playing catch up for a bit though. What's next you ask?

  • Furniture Revamp Reveal
  • Entry Way Revamp Reveal
  • Summer Outfits!
  • Summer Eating
  • Cultus Lake Camping Trip. 
Lots of fun stuff coming your way soon!

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The Porters' Lodge said...

I'm glad you're taking the relaxed route to trying for a baby. Because we use NFP, the first time around when I had been charting for over a year it was exciting to get pregnant but not a particular surprise. It felt really controlled in some ways, although ultimately of course we can't really control our fertility as much as we'd like! I am thankful for surprises, however, as they add a bit of spice to life :)


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