Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

...or America Day as I like to call it.

I love both Canada Day and America Day. I usually try to celebrate both as well, which works out great since all I need to do is take away the maple leaves and add some stripes and blue and voila - same decor [smiley]

I always try to make a point to celebrate America Day thought for my sweet American Husband. Even if we don't have a big BBQ we'll do a small dinner with American friends. When we're in the states I try to make sure we join in with actual Americans to get the real feeling. 

[Throwback Thursday: Fourth of July, linking up with Life of Bon]
July 4th, 2008 - Franklin, Tennessee
Spent with a group of Every Nation girls at the Barkers house and then watching fireworks in downtown Franklin.

July 4th, 2011 - Vancouver, BC
Spent with Candace and Paul - intimate but nice. 
More on that here.

July 4th, 2012 - Brentwood, Tennessee
Spent with classmates from our EN School of Ministry at Will's host famillies house. 
More on that here.

This year we're hosting a BBQ reminiscent of last years at our place. But first I work today. I like to keep it classy at work, but still wanted to be in the spirit (thinking red, white and blue, crisp and summery). I wore very blue jeans (which look black in the photo below), a white blouse, blue and white flats and a red necklace. I feel comfortable and fun but still work appropriate.

Menu Plan July 4th BBQ Party
We're inviting a bunch of people over for a American BBQ - I'm making: 
Meat Skewers - Chicks on a Stick and Honey-Lime Chicken
   Currently cut into strips and marinating at home, needs to be skewered and BBQ'd
Hot Dogs & buns, as a classic
   Waiting to be cooked, no prep needed
Veggie Skewers - mixed: Zucchini, mushrooms, peppers & onions
   Needs to be cut, skewered and BBQ'd
   Pasta for both salads is cooked, veggies just need to be cut, with cheese added and salads tossed
   Cold Green Bean Dish needs to be prepped, can't do this ahead of time or it isn't as awesome
Desserts - Brownies (with patriotic toppings) and berries with whipped topping.
    Brownie Cake is made, topped with white lemon icing and red and blue berries - chilling in Fridge
Drinks - Assortment of beer and wine, iced coffee and tea. 
   I'll put the coffee on as soon as I get home so that I can cool it by the time people arrive.
   Put out
   Beer and Wine will be in a cooler to keep cool and be served from
Blueberry Pomegranate Mojitos - we'll make this with alcohol and without. 
   Simple Syrup is created, just need to make the drinks when I get home.

To do list for Party:
  • Turn patio dining area into dinner buffet with a few chairs around, set table
  • Set up chairs and and drinks/dessert area onto the driveway area
  • Put out decorated candles and light.
  • String up bunting
  • Place sign on door inviting people to the back of the house.
  • Complete the food list above.
  • Make sure there are napkins, plates, etc out where helpful.
 Few! Good thing I'll be home by 4:20 and have a few helpers! Also can I tell you how excited I am about our guest list? I decided to keep this party smaller (so so so hard for me), so that it could have more space for conversation and fun - plus big parties are overwhelming, even outside. I've invited friends that I haven't seen in years, some friends that I see all the time, and some friends I wish I saw all the time. There are Paul friends and Tara friends. There are Canadians, Americans, one Brazillian and Philipino's. I'm stoked. It's a rad group of people and I couldn't be more excited. 

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The Porters' Lodge said...

Every time I wear red, white & blue I feel like people will think that I'm a really patriotic American. Then I remember that the colours of the UK flag are also red, white, & blue and that I thus won't stand out nearly as much as I would in Canada!


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