Wednesday, July 10, 2013

To Do List: Projects, projects, projects

I'm slowly plugging away at my list of projects - it keeps getting longer and longer but I just keep going!

  • Linen Closet
  • The Cellar - food storage and holiday decor storage
  • Chalkboard Marker Conversion
  • Bathroom Cupboards
  • Under the Kitchen Sink
  • Junk Drawer Revamp
  • Kitchen Drawer Revamp
  • Chalkboard Calendar Creation
  • Command Center Makeover
  • Craft Room Overhaul
    • Shelving to complete
    • Plastic drawer until to fill
    • Frames & Rocks to put on wall
  • Craft Room Closet turned desk
  • Bookshelf Arrangement
  • Repair back wall of Command Center - cover with Zebra print contact paper
  • The Pantry
  • Can Cupboards
  • Drinks Cabinet Redo (similar to this)
  • Hutch Redo (like this)
  • Hyllis Shelving painted Turquoise and staged in entrance (similar)
  • Makeover for kitchen stool - chevron stripes
  • Bedroom Makeover
    • Paint Bedroom Furniture Set
    • Pick matching bedside tables
    • Make Headboard
    • Buy bed furnishings in new color scheme
    • Make Starburst Mirror
    • Decorate
That's a lot on my list!

Project to do this weekend: 
  1. Drinks Cabinet Redo (similar to this)
  2. Hutch Redo (like this)
  3. Hyllis Shelving painted Turquoise and staged in entrance (similar)
  4. Makeover for kitchen stool - chevron stripes?
Thus far we've sanded down the hutch and used solvent to strip the top of the cabinet - Paul just needs to sand the base this week. I plan to prime and paint both this weekend, time willing. 

While those pieces dry I also hope to paint the Hyllis shelving Turquoise and have Paul put them together for me (I can do it myself but hey, so can he).

Time dependent I'd love to sand down the kitchen stool while we still have my uncle's sander, and then might as well prime and paint it while I have the paint supplies out. I will prime, paint it white and then once that is all coated and dried, do chevron stripes on the seat. I will most likely mix my turquoise with some white to make it a bit lighter but I'm not positive. I may switch it up and use my maroon spray paint for the stripes, to keep the colour continuity in the room. 

For the inspiration: Here's what I'm aiming to accomplish. So freaking stoked.


PMorgan said...

For the record. A "Chevron" is a symbol that allows someone to dial another Stargate and establish an wormhole allowing interstellar travel.

Tara said...

For the record, that's one definition.

Real definition for non nerds: chev·ron
A line or stripe in the shape of a V or an inverted V, esp. one on the sleeve of a uniform indicating rank or length of service.

PMorgan said...

Agreed, and those stripes were found on the sleeves of soldiers ......... who used the Stargate!

Tara said...

Agreed, as much as a chevron as a symbol on stargate is an alternate use for the word, and not a proper definition.

The Porters' Lodge said...

I think my CUHAGS friends could out-nerd PMorgan by launching into a history of the chevron as originally found in heraldry...

But I'll abstain.


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