Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sarah's Wedding Continued

Wedding, part One. 
Friday night was rehearsal dinner and then rehearsal.

Can I tell you what's realy nice? A BBQ in a sunny backyard. Can I tell you what the rehearsal dinner was? A BBQ in a sunny backyard.

Can I tell you what's better? A BBQ in a sunny backyard with people I like.
Not only do I like the bride and groom, but I have thoroughly enjoyed their famillies as well. BUT on top of that the bridal party is awesome and Sarah's friends are super cool - many of the awesome people from our church. It's pretty awesome. Burgers, AMAZING salads, chips and drinks. Sun, grass, heat, etc. Super happy. Plus I got to hold baby Adelyn for a while. 

And even better, since my back hurts I need to take rest breaks and here I am watching Pitch Perfect and layig on the couch.

Man, Pitch Perfect is one lovely movie. Not only is it musical but it is also super funny - some of the lines make me giggle so much. Also the guy who likes Bekah (whose name I never remember) is super cute and makes me smile. He reminds me of Paul, in a really sweet way.

Anyways, because my back is acting up I was in bed by 10:45 and so glad for it. Everyone else was at the hall setting up until after 1am.

Saturday was sleeping in with Paul - not only did Paul get here late but so did the makeup artist who had to be up at 8am - thankfully Paul and I had jobs that started later. Then it was time around town with Paul and then we headed to the hall to make the signature, a Raspberry Mojito. 

Then it was time to check into our hotel and then head onto the church for the wedding ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful, and the couple was successfully married. So happy for them!

 Afterwards we headed to to the hall to set up - as bartenders we were in charge of getting drinks ready in time for the 5pm cocktail hour at the hall. Then it was hours of serving drinks and flirting with the hubs. Nothing makes us flash back to our dating days like bartending weddings.

You know the story right? Maybe you don't. When Paul and I were just friends I was asked to Bartend a friends wedding. My friend told me that I could ask a guy to come bartend with me - I think she was smart enough to know that a guy would be a big asset to bartending. Also she wanted me to find a boyfiend, though that wasn't entirely the best plan in general, thankfully though I had a few guy friends who would make awesome friends. Anyways, I invited Paul to come help me bartend because I enjoyed him a lot and knew he'd be helpful.

While we were bartending we had so much fun. While Paul and I were just friends we both really worked hard to maintain a friendship and not flirt or let romantic feelings be involved. But that evening while bartending we had so much fun together and I can say we were definitely both flirting. He kept pouring wine into my energy drink and I kept finding myself laughing and touching his arm while laughing (embarrassing to admit). We worked all night, we made some good tips and we left with a few bottles of wine and a lot of fun memories. After the weekend was over we didn't want to stop hanging out - this was interesting to both of us since each of us usually found that we get bored with people of the opposite sex after longer periods.

Anyways, that was September 2008 and fast forward to now June 2013 and though married for 3 years we still love the bartending as a time to flirt and work our butts off. Bartending is hard work y'all. We go go go and serve up drinks for people. It's our thing. And we rock at it. We always make good tips and we always try to make people happy. Last night was particularly awesome as it was a wedding with people we love and we took turns getting to dance and chat with friends. There were so many people I love and so many people I enjoy and man, it was awesome.

After taking down the bar we finally got to sleep around 1am in our hotel room and then woke up in time to head to church at the Junction - this is the church that Sarah and Mark got married at and that Sarah and Mark go to. Pastor Greg was speaking and some of our worship team was joining their worship team. It was a great service. It was also the last service I got to attend with my friend Jodi - she is moving back home to Alberta. I will miss her but I am so excited for her next adventure.

After church we drove to Castlegar with the Rosenau's and had lunch, and then Jenna, Paul and I were off to Kelowna. We arrived by 5pm, grabbed dinner and set off to eat at the lake - we had a swim and ate and it was lovely.

Then it was off to visit our friend/family members who had just had a baby - Laura is not only our friend from church but also Paul's step sister and therefore my step-sister-in-law - and she is married to Cory, who grew up with my sisters husband and had been his best friend for years. My mother-in-law Carol was there to support Laura, and it was nice to see her. But best of all was seeing the nephews - Salem and the newest addition Jordon Eli, born at 11:59 the night before - less than 24 hours old! Jordon was super sweet. Holding him was a dream.

After that we headed back to Jenna's aunt's house and enjoyed wine and tv. We were all exhausted from the weekend. We slept soundly and in the morning headed back over to Vancouver - we had great conversation in the car and were home by 3pm (woo). Successful weekend. Fun, sun, friends and family. Love it!

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