Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vacation Sadness and Relaxing nights

This is a fairly low key week. Paul has midterms or finals (not really sure which) and is also sick. So I’ve tried to not plan too much. Monday I went to the Deacon’s meeting (which was great). Tuesday we stayed home; ate dinner together and went for a brisk hour’s walk. We’re trying to introduce more walking after eating in to our lives. Tonight we have our homestay interview (during the game – but only for an hour! And Paul can watch the game through most of the interview – he only really needs to meet with one of us) and then I’ll make us dinner and we’ll eat and watch the Canucks win the Stanley cup, right? Afterwards we hope to go for another walk (for health) and to bed at a reasonable hour since I have a lunchtime job interview and want to feel rested. I will also do a fashion show for poor Paul, to decide what to wear to my interview.

Thursday I will be fighting off bouts of bitterness as my vacation request was denied and most of my family and many of my friends are off to Osoyoos for a relaxing vacation. Sad for me. I just need to keep reminding myself to be an adult and not sulk. This is proving difficult.

Thursday night we have no plans cause so many of our friends/family are away in Osoyoos…but Paul will be finished the last of his midterms/finals for the week (3 this week!) so we will stay in and play board games and have a mini date.

Friday we’re having Candace and Earl over for dinner. We’re excited to hang out with them married! Also excited to play games and chat and have a relaxing night.

Saturday I’m going to attempt week 8’s task; sorting through winter/summer clothes and swapping them out and will be sorting through papers (a never ending task). Hopefully I can also convince myself to rest. I find that hard to do in my home. Saturday night we’re taking dinner over to Mark and Morgan’s to hang out and meet their sweet baby girl, Brook.

Sunday is Fathers Day. I will go grocery shopping, we will attend church (complete with reception before hand) and then host Paul’s Dad & step mom and Grandparents for dinner. My dad is out of town, so he and mom miss out.

Alright, I’m off to pack up my boss’s office. Fun times.

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