Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things that make me happy

Extreme Makeover - wow; you make me cry. Regularly. Thank you for the moments. You may be cheesy - you may play with my feelings; but OH it's worth it!

Can I say that I am excited to travel? We're planning to visit Paul's mom in Austin TX in the coming year, between November and February. Next summer (2012) we'll be heading down to Nashville to attend the school of ministry through our Every Nation Church and we'll be road tripping there and back. On the way there we'll be heading east across the North side of America and down through Minnesota (to visit paul's family) and on the way back we'll be heading back through Mississippi and Louisiana (to visit our new Southern Friends) and through Austin, TX (to see Paul's mom again) and over to the coast and up the West Coast (Cali, Oregon (Paul's grandparents), Washington (many friends) and back to BC). I love to see the country I live in and the country next to mine.

on top of the travel; I get to do all that traveling with my best friend/husband Mr. Paul Morgan. We have so much fun together. He is great. I will definitely miss my vancouver friends, but oh will I enjoy him and the many people we meet and connect with along the way.

I enjoyed a wonderful walk home from work today. realizing I am so happy with where God has me and how much he loves me and how amazingly he takes care of me/us. Wow.

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Rebecca said...

Tara, in the midst of all your traveling, if you're near South Carolina in October, I hope you'll stop by to see me and Lance get married!



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