Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Here is my to do list:

1. Sort out storage area & organize Shopping Bags into a good system

2. Junk Drawer in Kitchen

3. Homestay Bedroom

4. Closet in Bedroom


1. This will take half an hour. I will do it tonight after dinner out with my folks.

2. Paul just organized our other drawer in the kitchen. I will ask him to do this one.

3. The homestay bedroom is partially done. Paul and I need to move some furniture around to make it look prettier. It needs to be vacuumed and organized. I will ask Paul to vacuum and dust and I will organize and make pretty. I think I can do my parts tonight and Paul can do his Friday when he’s not in class.

4. We will have to do this next weekend…but I have no plans all weekend other than to put away the giant, mountain sized load of laundry next to my bed. I will do weeks 4 and 5 on week 5 and get ‘er done!


I am tired. What I really want in life is to be a professional stay at home wife. I wish I lived in the 50’s or something. I wish it was expected that I would stay at home and run my house. Oh I wish! I would love to entertain as much as I do without always rushing home from work and immediately donning my apron to start cooking. I would love to have the time to put out nice place settings, instead of having to ask Paul to set the table which means, inevitably, he will use the Green Bay Packers Napkins. Ugh.

Tonight we are getting together with my parents and my sister’s family for a celebration dinner. We will be celebrating: Mothers Day, Jenna’s Birthday, my birthday, our wedding anniversary and Jenna & Colin’s wedding anniversary. Phew! It will be good to be together; we haven’t all been together since before my parents trip.

Work is going well. My house is covered in Peonies. I almost drank a fly yesterday. I have been following more and more blogs and getting more and more ideas and feeling like I can maybe be organized some day. I just wish I had a week to take off and sort it all out so I can start from there.

Edited to Add:

Dinner with my family was wonderful tonight. My parents are generous and thoughtful. I love them a lot. The canucks won!!!!!! Good night, wow.

We got home just after 8 and after spending a lot of the day reading blogs on organization I decided to make sure I did what needed to be done around here. I completed the first task. I asked Paul to complete the second some time this week. he was so pleased with the first task being done that he agreed readily. As he has a big debate for school tomorrow he asked if we could postpone task 3 until next week. task 4 was already being postponned as I put on my organizational hat and though, what can I do? Well the giant stack of laundry in my bedroom and random half full bags of stuff (from retreats, weddings and weekends away) were all calling to me. I got through all of that and still felt like, ok now my house looks clean but I know there are organizational systems lacking. I sorted through all the paperwork in our room that gathers and made a system for dealing with it - paper triage. Then I realized Paul and I needed a place to put things when we came I took two shelves and moved them. I added a square wood bowl to hold keys, wallets, etc. I walked around the house and banished clutter. I finally made a home for things to be given away, instead of keeping it behind a door or under a chair. Our house is tidy. My heart feels happy. Paul feels so loved he can't stop hugging me - that is actually fairly normal, but you can tll there's an additional level of feeling super loved. That, plus he's working on a debate which he loves and rarely gets to do. 

Anyways - tonight was a raving success AND I found the meal plan I made for the next two weeks. I thought i'd lost it - yay!

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