Monday, June 6, 2011

Of freezers, meal plans and trips to Washington

Here is my attack plan: (strike through, already completed. Bold to complete this weekend)

1. Sort out storage area & organize Shopping Bags into a good system
2. Sort Papers – Consolidate (from EVERYWHERE in house)
3. Basket Bedroom
4. Conquer giant laundry pile in bedroom and clean room entirely
5. Reorganize Big & Little Freezer (as they go hand in hand)
6. Homestay Bedroom
7. Reorganize Pantry

I’m hitting up three of the tasks this weekend because a) we have a homestay interview next Monday to determine if we can host a student for the fall (and the room the student will be in needs to be revamped a bit) and b) I just did a big grocery shop and my deep freeze DESPERATELY needs to be organized. My freezer has 4 big shelving areas (it’s a stand up, like a fridge) and can easily hold everything in it – but since I’ve been adding it at different times it’s all unorganized and jammed in. Here is my hope for the freezer:

Shelf 1: Dairy/ Casseroles
Shelf 2: Bread/Carbs / Green Bin for Soup Stock&Veggies
Shelf 3: Meats / Green Bin for portioned meat
Shelf 4: Packaged Foods / Premade Lunches
Door: Juice / Smoothie Packs / Extra’s that fit
Small Freezer: Desserts / 1 loaf of bread / Cheese Strings / Ice Cream Treats / Ice

But for now it’s Monday and the jobs ahead will wait until the weekend.

Our meal plan for the week:
Monday: Thai Lettuce Wraps
Tuesday: Casserole with Discipleship ladies
Wednesday: Tortellini Marinara
Thursday: Zucchini Lasagne
Friday: Chicken Ceasar Salad
Saturday: Stirfry
Sunday: Brushetta Chicken w. Pasta and Roasted Veggies

To start I am STOKED for Thai Lettuce wraps tonight. We will eat and watch Game 3 where the Canucks will beat the Bruins for a third straight time, I’m sure of it. As we watch the win I will be running a few loads of laundry through the machine and folding them as they come out (this is a new thing I’m trying…immediate folding).

This weekend was great. Usually when you’re going away for the weekend Friday after work is crazy – but it had been a busy week and I really did not want this to be the case. Paul and I decided to leave for the border at 8, instead of earlier since the border would have big lines anyways. This gave us time to eat dinner, have a drink, rest, read, cuddle, etc. It meant we left for a 3 hour drive feeling refreshed and happy. We arrived at 11pm in Auburn to stay with and visit our dear friends Mark and Heather. They were wonderful hosts and we settled in nicely.

We got to sleep in Saturday and had a leisurely breakfast of bacon and eggs with Mark and Heather and their almost 3 year old Jonah. It was a lovely time. After that we headed out for a walk in the woods with a beautiful view of mountains and trees. I so often forget how much Washington and BC are alike in nature. The best part of the day came next; Mark and Paul played video games for 3 hours. Heather and I sat on the comfy comfy couches next to them and talked and read. I finished a book and a half. We were warm from the great weather, we drank cool beers, and we grazed on food from the fridge. It felt like a perfect Saturday. And if I’d have been home, I’d have felt guilty for not working around the house – but I was not home and it was lovely. We ate a great dinner after that and took a trip to a nearby park. The boys tossed the football and we got to sit in the sun. Afterwards, when Jonah was asleep, we played Ticket to Ride and Settlers and then stayed up and talked. It was a perfect day with good friends.

Sunday we headed off to WinCo on our way to Seattle. WinCo is like Walmart but cheaper and with happier employees. I love it. Then we met up with my awesome friend Rebekah and a friend of hers. I always enjoy meeting new and old friends, and Paul and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with her. She had picked a great Thai restaurant just off the I-5 and it was my first Thai experience. I, of course, went for negative amounts of spice…no stars for me! The rest of them picked 4/5 stars worth of spice (Yikes). We were all very happy with our choices. After we left them, Paul and I meandered home, stopping at costco and walmart along the way. We made it across the border with less than a 20 minute wait (Peace Arch was backed up onto the I-5, and yet the truck crossing was so clear! So glad we saw the line and deaked over to the truck crossing) and as soon as we were across and had our phones back on received a phone call from Nick and Laura asking us to come over and play games. We immediately rerouted and headed over to Coquitlam to see them. Another great time with friends and games, and finally we were headed home. We had a car full of groceries to unload and a fridge/freezer to sort out, and lunches to make for Monday but we succeeded and I was in bed by 12. Phew. Fun, productive and well worth the trip!

I’m so glad, though, that tonight I can go to bed at a reasonable hour after sitting at home eating, watching the game and doing laundry. Other than the laundry, it sounds like a great night.

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