Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mud Pie, Weight and Sick Days

This week’s goal: Closet in Bedroom > June 24-26. I was successful with last week’s goal (switching winter and summer clothes). The thing about this weekend is it’s going to be very busy!

First thing Saturday I will do my weekly task – the closet. Next up is the moving day of a close friend of ours and after we load up the truck and I head home, my sister and her boys come over for a sleepover. Jenna and I will hang out while the boys sleep and then first thing in the morning on Sunday she’s going to head downtown to compete in a marathon. I’ll wake up with her boys, get them ready and head down to see her cross the finish line! I’m excited – I’ve never been to a big walk or marathon before. I love going on trips with my nephews and we don’t often get the chance – so this’ll be great!

Monday was a weird day. I woke up feeling really sick. I almost passed out on the skytrain. I just felt terrible (and no, I’m not pregnant). I went in to work though because while we’re in the relocation process there isn’t actually anyone that can cover for me. So I toughed it out until my boss could find a replacement. I am thankful that temp workers exist. I was back home and in bed 5 hours after I left it. I slept for 5 hours. Was awake for 5 hours and then slept until Morning. I woke up Tuesday feeling SO MUCH better. I was so thankful that my work let me go home and sleep, even though they still had to pay me AND a temp worker.

Tuesday I felt great all day. I didn’t even need an energy drink (I’m trying to cut back). I had lunch with a friend downtown and had a nice random dinner with my hubby. After dinner I went out to Ikea and got the things we still needed for our homestay’s room (curtain rods, pillows, etc). I came home, baked 12 Egg muffins, put the finishing touches on the homestay room and then watched 3 episodes of Parenthood. In bed by 10:30. Woo!

Today I feel exhausted. I don’t know why. I would not be awake typing this right now if I wasn’t drinking an energy drink. I don’t know where this came from and it’s frustrating. I don’t want to be sleepy! After work I’m having coffee with my friend Jody, then having a date by myself with a book. I”ll be having some tasty Vietnamese. Then Paul and I are heading to a homestay introduction meeting – as we’ve been approved as homestay parents!

On top of being approved they have already found 2 students for us. One from July 21st until August 10th and the other from September until the end of June. This is so awesome. More than we imagined or hoped for. They both sound sweet. Young girls. One from Japan and one from China. They both say they are cheerful, happy people. One of them said she can’t wait to be a part of our “happy happy” family. They sound so sweet. I think Paul’s a little overwhelmed at the thought of having yet another female around the house – so hopefully one time we’ll get a male student.

Our Fathers Day Dinner Friday went really well. I served Brown Sugar Bourbon Pork with Garlic Rice, Roasted Veggies and Salad with Boccocini. I also made mud pie found here. I made it slightly differently though as our local “no fills” (cheap grocery store) did not have a premade cookie pie crust. So I bought pans and pie mix separately and made the base myself. Then I used dark chocolate syrup instead of hot fudge. AND lastly, instead of mixing vanilla ice cream and snickers, I just bought cookie dough ice cream and used that instead. It took me under 20 minutes to make 2 and almost every person had a second helping. Plus, I’d say it is almost better the second day as leftovers. Either way, I WILL make this again and again. Possible in a wider pie base to serve more people.

I’m still waiting to hear from that job that I interviewed at last week; though the agency I found it through was very positive and say they are just waiting to get the offer letter. I still won’t feel confident in it until I have seen the offer letter and signed an agreement.

I keep wondering at what stage I’ll grow tired of people thinking I’m pregnant and get back on the health wagon. Lately chips and avoidance of exercise have been calling my name with loud abandon, making the thought of a bikini ready body fairly laughable. Now please don’t hear me wrong; I am not someone who is wallowing in insecurity over my body. As a general rule I’m ok with how I look. Yes, I wish I could say I was totally in love with how I look, but I can say that Paul loves how I look. He tells me all the time that I am good looking, sexy, etc. I truly believe he means it and believes it. He is beginning to convince me that he’s right, too. I am actually pretty ok with my size generally, other than the fact that all of my weight congregates on my belly. I get asked with alarming regularity if I’d like a seat on the sky train due to being pregnant. Asian women at church often think I’m pregnant, and or they just come up and rub my belly (always humiliating. Always). AND YET; despite not loving my belly, when the chip bowl is passed I just can’t refuse it! I know I could spend 10-15 minutes each day doing sit ups and other belly busting activities and make a small difference and I don’t do that either! I regularly turn down chances to walk. I wonder when the tension will tip and I’ll realize I need to do something?

We have cut out most carbs. We do eat a lot of veggies; our plates are usually ½ veggies, if not more. We have started walking more. BUT I know to change my weight I need to be more drastic. And at the end of the day; after working just to be healthy and not gain more weight, being at work for 9 hours a day, and keeping my house running, and being involved in church – I just don’t have the energy to fight it. *sigh*

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Rachel Toews (Anderson) said...

hey Tara,

It is fun to know about your life thru your blog. I feel like I have some useful input on the tiredness thing so here goes...

Over the last 2 months I have cut out coffee and tea from my diet. I have done this in the past but I always fall off the wagon after a week or so. This time it was 100% and drastic. Over the first week I felt gross with headaches, BUT SINCE THEN I have felt So much better than before! While I still can pound back the chocolate, overall quitting tea and coffee has also come with craving sweets less. The result has been that I am far more aware of my own tiredness and alertness patterns (without the crutch of sugar and caffeine). And the best result has been that I don't crash. There are no sudden swings in energy.

It sounds like you are eating an excellent healthy diet. Don't deprive yourself of the small pleasures like chips. You deserve some chips!

love, Rachel (Anderson / Toews)


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