Thursday, June 9, 2011

The jitters and provision

I feel jittery and nervous this afternoon. It’s probably because lately I’ve been reading two different books that are a bit suspenseful and I read them a lot. At lunch. On the sky train. On breaks. At night. Walking. It’s also probably because I had a cup of coffee and I normally stick to tea. It’s possibly got a bit to do with the fact that, though I’m choosing to trust God for provision, I am very aware that in September both Paul and I need new jobs.

In the meantime God continues to provide BIG TIME. Between my wage and Paul’s student loans, all Paul needed to bring home this summer was $1500 in 4 months. As he is a full time student and it’s the end of his degree, we wanted him to be able to focus and not be always trying to work. This way he just needs to pick up 4 shifts a month. Between what he picked up in May and what he’s been offered for the rest of June He will have earned all $1500! God is so good. At first it looked like there wasn’t any work and then *bam* God provides. Unfortunately anything extra he makes goes towards me getting a Crown put on my tooth. So in good news Paul will buy me a crown. In bad news it’s a tooth crown and it will hurt.

As I sit at the reception desk I see all my coworkers a few times throughout the day. I am near the washrooms and next to the elevators. I am very popular. I try to engage with people as they walk by. I’m surprised by the fact that when I ask most people if they have plans for the evening they usually say no and look surprised that anyone would have plans. Hmm…I always have plans. Maybe I’m weirder than I originally thought?

Actually I think that is probably a safe bet, me being weirder than originally thought. I realized last night that I had 5 shelves in my freezer, not 4 and I was so excited to figure out how to revamp my freezer organization chart. So excited.

Our friends Prakash and Kathleen are getting married in July. I’m throwing her stagette and Paul (as best man) is throwing his. I’m doing the food plan though for both, and the budget. I’ll be doing the prep for Prakash’s leaving only the grilling to Paul (because he HATES food prep and I rather love it). Laura and I will be doing the food for Kathleen’s. For Kathleen’s we’ve picked some of her favorite foods. For Prakash’s we’ve picked meat. And more meat. We know our friends pretty well

Alright, I have some mail to deliver around the office and some freezer space to dream about reorganizing.

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LeAnna et David said...

I don't think most people plan fun things, or anything, for the evenings. I think they usually just go home and veg in front of the telly until it's bedtime.


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