Monday, June 13, 2011

Freezers and Cups

1. Sort out storage area & organize Shopping Bags into a good system

2. Sort Papers – Consolidate (from EVERYWHERE in house)
3. Basket Bedroom
4. Conquer giant laundry pile in bedroom and clean room entirely
5. Reorganize Big & Little Freezer (as they go hand in hand)
6. Homestay Bedroom
7. Reorganize Pantry
8. Swap Winter and Summer Clothes/Shoes > June 17-19th

So so so happy to report that I got through 5, 6 & 7 on the weekend! I did take pictures, but I can’t find my camera cord (I haven’t seen it since we were in Tofino on Vacation *sad* ).

The Big freezer is now organized by type.

Shelf 1: Casseroles
Shelf 2: Carbs
Shelf 3: Soup Mix (in bin) and Packaged Foods
Shelf 4: Portioned Meats (in Bin), Deli Meats (in bag) and random meats.
Shelf 5: Extra Meat (aka. 2 GIANT bags of chicken from the states) and Cheese. Lots of Cheese.

The small freezer is now home to ice cream, ice cream treats, frozen desserts (cookies, Zucchini Bread, etc), frozen creamers and cheese strings. I love knowing I have one spot to look in for dessert, instead of hidden around my deep freeze.

Our pantry was a mess from 2 trips worth of canned goods, etc from the states. It is now organized and ready for use! Shortly we will get an extra Bookcase next to our existing Bookcase in the pantry, which means we will be able to spread some of the things out. Right now it’s all away but it’s pretty “tetris-ed” in there. I want to be able to have a home for each item. Things are currently put away by type, but it’s not the most strategic. I can’t wait to have a bit more space.

Possibly one of the biggest accomplishments of the weekend was current spare room, and hopeful homestay room. The room had been used for 4 months by my friend Candace and since we had just vacated that room ourselves and moved in to Paul’s den we didn’t have time to really set it up. The furniture was just there. Useful but not pretty. I can now officially say the room is pretty! It involved a lot of moving different pieces of furniture around. Constantly. Pieces we thought would work in the room, didn’t. Pieces that are just being stored elsewhere made their way in to the room. Once we moved one large piece of furniture we realized that one wall had holes all over it (yuck) and since we originally had our homestay interview today (now bumped to Wednesday) we didn’t have time to putty and paint over them so we put up empty frames (for a hopeful student to fill) and the wall now looks great! The room is bright and cheerful.

We had this gross old chair, which Paul loves and is apparently a family heirloom, being stored in a back closet that we thought might work in the room. It’s actually only gross in that it’s ugly. It’s clean and comfy. So until I can get my hands on some material we wrapped the cushions (artfully) in a sheet, and added a throw pillow. You can’t tell it’s in a sheet (that took some time to perfect) and it works so well in the room. I’m very happy with it. Now that I can see how it could look with new cushions I actually quite like the chair. Until that moment I was begging Paul to throw it out.

I also got time to rest this weekend. Friday night we watched the Canucks game out in Delta with Paul’s Dad and Stepmom, complete with beer and Chinese food. We drove home after the win and enjoyed the signs of rampant fandom everywhere. Cheering. Honking. Dancing. Grown men dancing in the streets. Children getting cars to honk. It was great and so joyful. When we got home we hung out with my sister for a few hours. I love my sister and I love that she and Paul get along so well.

Saturday I worked on the deep freeze and then we joined my parents for lunch. They are heading out of town for 10 days so we wanted to be sure to see them before they left. Afterwards I worked on the house some more and then drove Paul downtown to the Star Trek Convention. When I got home my wonderful friend Steph came to join me for a few hours, and after a great time chatting with her, I read until 10 when my Auntie Lesley called. We chatted until 11:30 and then I went to bed! So glad for bed.

Sunday was relaxing. Despite all the work that we ended up doing on Sunday (the pantry and the homestay room) we still managed to rest. I attended church (Paul stayed home sick) and then we joined his relatives (and our friends) Janice and Alvin for snacks after church. It was a lovely restful evening.

Tonight is Game 6! Of the Stanley cup finals. Woo. Canucks vs. Bruins and OH am I praying we win. We’re up 2 to 3 in the series so if we win this we win the cup. Nervous! We’ll be joining my aunt and uncle to watch the game with them and a bunch of others from church and once we know the fate of the game, we will have a Deacon’s meeting.

Alright – time to close down and get ready for the game!

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