Wednesday, September 25, 2013

World cutest personal assistant and a Happy Birthday to my Dad

I don't know if you know but I'm a lucky lady - not only am I married to a very helpful man and have one of the best sisters in the world, I also have a 5 year old nephew who loves to be helpful. Now that Connor has turned 5 he's all about being helpful. A few months ago he told me that he could be very helpful - he said he could help with food prep or even grocery shopping. He said that now he was a big boy he could be very helpful. 

I'll admit, at first I was skeptical. I mean I LOVE spending time with Connor. He's cute and he's my first nephew, but I have been babysitting him since he was a newborn and it hasn't always made my life easier - sweeter, but not easier. But as he is older I thought, ok, lets give it a whirl. We've taken to hitting up stores together - Costco, Superstore, Winners/Home Sense....and we have a great time. He's super helpful - as we shop I push the kart and he sits inside - I grab items and he loads them into the kart - when we go to check out he passes me the items from the kart and I load them onto the conveyer belt. It's a great system - and it's super fun. 

Anyways - he's pretty awesome - here he is in Paul's apron helping me do some cooking and food prep. 

That's a seriously good helper. 

On top of that there is Austin, Connor's younger brother and my other nephew. Cute, though still young - he's learning to help. They helped me make a sauce to roast over some Ham for my Dad's birthday dinner. The two of them were killing me with cuteness with their long aprons. 

And let me tell you, the ham was the best part. Thanks boys!

Speaking of being blessed - I am also Jory Mitchell's daughter. This past week my Dad turned 62 and we had a big family dinner for him - we couldn't have it be too big or my mom would be overwhelmed so we stuck to our immediate family - Jenna's household (Jenna, Colin and their two boys, plus there three students Kayla, Xing and Finja), my household (Me and Paul, plus one of our students, Jessie), my parents and our joint friends the Chibota's - since everyone loves the Chibota's - Irene is one of my closest friends and TC & Irene are in my parents lifegroup and are close with them also. 

Celebrating my Dad is easy. He is kind and generous and always is thinking of how to love others - that's an easy person to want to celebrate. Growing up I always knew that my Dad loved me - each weekends we would get a date with one of our parents - Mom would take us to McDonalds or Subway and Dad would take us to Paradise Cafe. I grew up knowing that my Dad wanted to spend time with me. We would throw the ball around, go for driving lessons, drive around on his motorbike, play games, play cards, talk - he instilled in us the knowledge that he genuinely liked us. And know that continues - as grown women we still talk to him about life - we still want to do things with him. Now we're the busy ones though - but it's not hard to want to make the time for him - he always did for us. 

I'm thankful to have a father as awesome as my Dad - he loves my mom through her disease in beautiful ways. He shows me every day what it looks like to love and serve a spouse sacrificially. If you know my Dad and you're a praying person - would you mind taking a moment to pray for him? He needs energy and rest as he cares for my mom - he needs miracles. I pray for my parents a lot - and thank God for them often. Dad, thank you for all you do - I'm blessed to be called "Jory Mitchell's daughter."Love, your Tara Turtle.

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