Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fallin' for Fall Decor

I love fall. Love it. It's crisp and cool and I can wear sweaters and boots and feel cozy. I'm a warm person - I mean like I'm always boiling. So to have weather that works with me to keep me cool - and lets me wear the warm things I love - bring it on! I also love fall decorations. When I was young my mom would decorate the house for each season and it was always a big deal. In our family Christmas was the biggest of deals but each season had their own important tidbits - gourds played a big part of our family's fall decor each year - seeing dried out gourds still makes me feel nostalgic. 

This was my first fall in our new home - and with a mantle! I've been reading magazines and then blogs for years and feeling jealous of their mantles - or at least their ability to decorate their mantle. I used to use the top of my TV though someone would invariably tell me that it wasn't proper decorating whatevers to do that. Whatevs. I liked it. But now...now I'm an adult with A MANTLE.  I didn't want to stray to far from the mantle decor we already have - Paul and I both love it, it brings in both of our personalities and likes - it's got a skull and a clock that looks like a branding iron for Paul, and flowers and candles for the femine side. I wanted to add something that would play off of what we already have in our home, decor wise. 

Please read this knowing that if you were at my house I would make you a cup of hot (or cold, you get to chose) chai latte and would most likely have some sort of treat around (chips or sweets of some form). We would probably laugh, because I'm super funny (right?!) and it would be nice. Just, ah, keep that in the back of your mind while you read, so you get the whole affect.  I bring to you, fall at the Morgans. 

The blurry before shot - our clean slate

The hutch was added a while back but aside from that the mantle has remained the same all summer once we added the rad new clock from WinCo.

When I was shopping at Superstore I saw pumpkins and a stuffed bird and a felt garland and I knew it was time....my first fall mantle.
And the heavens rejoiced

Stuffed felt bird meets skull - and I love it.

Around the living room: 
Pumpkin moments in the hutch

Fall foliage on the side table

Orange flowers meet white lace

Some of the new additions to the living room aren't fall - they just make me happy.
Paul's plane, meets our love story

The Jade tree from Paul's grandparents, meet my new turquoise lantern

One of my new Target lanterns meets one of my new ikea plants

Pumpkins and flowers in green and brown.

Even our entryway letters got some fall spiffing up

I chose grassy green for the writing on the calendar. Loving it.

As I walk around my house I am so happy.
I never thought I would have a beautiful home - this isn't something I thought I knew how to do. I am so very pleased. I am thankful to God for how He has provided and thankful to the internet for giving me a million ideas. Without it I would have no idea what to do!

Also, this is super funny: Flight of the Conchords - a charity video spoof

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