Thursday, September 26, 2013

Woodland Wedding and Pie Celebrations

I mentioned a while back being on the Island for a wedding - this was my first trip to Honeymoon Bay, just past Lake Cowichan. 
The setting was nothing short of gorgeous!

The house that the wedding was taking place at was the Groom's Mom's place - so we headed over there right away - she has a beautiful garden and woodland behind where the wedding and reception would be happening. 

The couple are fun and whimsical - Lord of the Rings themed wedding invites, complete with Calvin & Hobbes LOTR pop up.  Love it! For the Menu board and timeline board I mimicked the writing in their invites and kept it to their theme. I had such fun creating! 

The wedding took place in the back forest area and was gorgeous. 
The reception involved Bola - taught by the bride and was very casual and fun. 
I enjoyed myself from start to finish. 
I LOVE this "aisle"

Christina, the Bride Alex and Celene. 
Beautiful Bride, happy couple, great wedding all around.

Then it was off to catch a greyhound in Duncan and head to Nanaimo to see my dear friend Crystal and do wedding related stuff as her big day is quickly approaching! As I'm in her wedding we got to walk around the mall and check out shoes (no luck but it helped me know what to look for - and I eventually found them in America). For me it's always a treat to be at Woodgrove Mall - I love that place. They have the perfect stores and I know where everything is - I miss that over here. I had a coupon for Old Navy for that day only so I got a comfy black pullover and a sporty tank top  - both are soooo comfortable, I basically lived in them all week. I also found replacement flats for work - pointy toed flats are hard to come by! I found two great pairs though - one for work and one for at home and they were each $10! What up. 

We drove to Parksville to Crystal's house - we had an easy lunch and talked Wedding. I went through my giant Wedding Checklist with Crystal - basically this helps brides know that they know more than they think and are more on track then they realize - except for the times where this alerts the bride that they were way way way behind. Thankfully Crystal was ON TOP OF IT in a major way and her day is going to be perfect. I love doing this for friends at the best of time, but as one of her bridesmaids I was EXTRA happy to get to go over all the details with her. For the win!
Then it was time to tidy and get ready for a party - it was Crystal's 30th birthday party! 
To celebrate she was having a Pie making Contest - sweet and savoury. And man.....did people bring it! Amazing, amazing, amazing. 

First up, here are Crystal and I!

The spread, the winners and the birthday girl

Savanna, Crystal's sister, and I

The carnage

It was also one year since their engagement (and just over one month to their wedding)
Can't wait to celebrate with the two of you!!!

So glad our friendship has lasted all these years! We met when we were 19 and have been friends ever since - through college and boyfriends, through living together and living far apart - this is a friendship that keeps on ticking - and I'm so glad!
I'm also glad to say we've both ended up with guys who get along with each other! And who we both like - I love John and I couldn't be more stoked that they are ending up together. 

Then there was a quick dash to the ferry - managed to get onto the 9:30 ferry heading home (bought my ticket at 9:21, yikes) and was home in bed by midnight (thanks to the mercy of friends - Cora and Russell who drove me home, waaaaay out of their way, saving me hours in a bus commute) and was able to sleep in until 11 - and boy was that awesome. All in all a perfect weekend trip away.

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