Thursday, September 12, 2013

Félicitations and much more

What a fun filled couple of weeks. We had two weekends in a row that we got to be in Vancouver - busy but so nice to be based out of the home town. 

The long weekend we had lots of time at home to work on projects and lots of time with friends - Movie Nights (Sister Act 2, twice!), Dinner parties with new friends and a lovely catch up dinner with a childhood friend. then it was back to work and time for my first week with Fridays off! And better yet it was already a short week with Monday off. wahoo!

Because it was Sam and Stef's Wedding that coming Saturday we had more friends in town - so we had two nights that week of casual hangouts at our house with friends - it's nice to have people in our home and feel like family. And of course, with Sam and Stef's wedding brought Jodi - after months in Alberta it was soooo nice to see her again. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday brought these casual evening hangouts and then Friday night brought Sam and Stef's rehearsal dinner at our house. We did the rehearsal out in the school yard behind my house (since their wedding space was booked every night before their wedding) and then we all headed in for dinner and hang outs. Oh man - it was awesome. I have said before that I LOVE having people in my house, and this week that was affirmed over and over again. Given that Sam and Stef come over for dinner every week for lifegroup, it felt right to have their wedding rehearsal dinner at our place. So great to see their parents and meet all of Stef's quebecois bridesmaids. I practiced as much french as I could - butchering it a lot as I went. They appreciated the effort though, thankfully. It was a great night! We were up late chatting and it was so perfect. 

{There was a lot of laughter}

During the day Friday I got up to clean and tidy the house - I was thankful to have the time off before the rehearsal to clean. Then I met up with Jenna and her kids and we took a trip to Richmond to run errands. I love hanging out with the kids, even if little boys and errands make for a hectic mix. I was about to leave the Maxwell's and, run another errand and then head home to rest before continuing to get ready for the party when Connor asked if he could join me. I weighed the Pro's and Con's - as much as he could be helpful, he was still 5, so it wouldn't really be bringing him just for the help. But I really want my nephews growing up knowing that their aunts love them, and to never feel like they are a burden to me. I had that growing up and I so appreciated it. So i told him he could come. We went to Winners/Home Sense and had a great time. WHen we were in the shoe section I asked him if he was bored and he said, "No, because I'm with you!" Um, so sweet. Daaang. 

Then we were planning to head home and he seemed sleepy and I said he'd probably need a nap when he got home. I said I was going to have a nap too. He told me he would like to have his nap at my house with me. I said that he should probably get home though, since that's where his bed was. He looked at me and said, "I want to nap at your house, in your bed with you, and when I wake up you will smile at me". Um.....ok. Can't say no to that! We had a lovely nap and I'm so glad he was there - if he wasn't I wouldn't have been able to justify the nap and would have just worked away. Thanks Connor!

Saturday was a long-ish day but good. We needed to be out in Surrey (45 minutes way) by 11am for a family visit with Paul's step sister and her kids since they were in town for the wedding. We hung out with them for a few hours and it was really nice. Salem and Jordon are cuties! Then we swung by Bed, Bath & Beyond to get new sheets (woo!) on our way home and I got back in time to drop Paul off and dash over to Blo for a Blo Out - I left feeling fabulous. Then it was home to get dressed and ready for the wedding. 

I was event co-ordinating this one, so what that means basically is that I need to know everything the bride and groom knows, so that for the day no one needs to bother them. I have a lot of fun with this. I also have to be bossy and in control (both things I'm great at). I have learned not to take on too much with this roll - I do not set up the hall, nor do I take on takedown. Of course I end up helping with both, but I make sure not to sign up for anything specific otherwise I could be working at weddings from first thing in the morning until late at night and with my back that would be BAD news. Already at a normal wedding that I am a part of I deal with lots of back pain by the end of the night but if I have to work early and late it gets dicey. My body does not love days like that. So I've learned to take it easy. 

We got to the venue around 5:30 - the wedding was scheduled for 6, but didn't end up happening until 6:30, which was good as there were a few glitches to work out. But thankfully the place looked gorgeous, Sam and Stef had thought of so many great details and they had a fantastic set up team! The Bridal Party looked smashing - we have great looking friends. The wedding was sweet and the reception was lighthearted, low key, super sweet and so perfect for the new Alviar couple. I loved it. The guest list was crammed full of people I love - I was surrounded by friends and family - the dancing was great, the bar has a tasty new beer to discover (thanks Lims for the recommendation) and the night was perfect. We were there late until almost one helping the tear down team (even without being on that time, I'll. always end up helping - that's why I make sure there's a full team even without Paul and I, to make it less hellish). 

All in all it was a perfect wedding. Stef looked gorgeous (of course), the couple looked rapturously in love, I worked my butt off making sure everything went smoothly and it was great to see East and West collide. Of course no wedding of Sam's would be complete without music - between speeches friends of Sam's sang them two songs they'd written and after all that and the couples speech, Sam sang the song he wrote about their love story. It's like they were trying to make us cry. So sweet. Loved it. 

{The Alviars}

{The family being entertained by Sam's Dad}

{The Cole klan - Jenna's family too - love it!}

Congratulations Sam and Stef! It was a perfect day, you're a beautiful couple and we can't wait to spend years being couple-friends with you!

And heck, now we're slightly related Stef! My sister married Colin, who is Sam's cousin - sooooo that basically means we're semi related. Woop woop. 

I wish I could tell you that after all that we were free Sunday to relax but NOPE. Sunday bright and early we picked up Paul's sister Katie and headed to White Rock for a Morgan family photo shoot. 

We got home by 1pm. Phew. I chatted with Lyndsay who was home (love that she lives with us now) and then finally got a nap for an hour. One coffee date later (thanks for the great chat Mari) I was back home and ready for a neighbour hood block party. I pulled together some meat and a salad and we walked over to the other section of Chester Street. I was amazed - it looked like a block party from a movie, or one of the block parties in my neighbourhood growing up. So happy. So great to meet neighbours as well! Some of them even play board games, so I have high hopes for those friendships. Bottle Rockets, a pinata and lots of great good - great party! And already while cycling near the house I've run into some neighbours. Love that. 

And after that party we headed home to make lunches and tidy up the kitchen before heading to Lyndsay's birthday party at the guys house. I was tired and wasn't keen on leaving the house but wanted to be there to celebrate Lyndsay. I walked in and saw a room full of amazing people - amazing women mostly and realized I was so so so glad to be there. We stayed for a couple hours and it was thoroughly lovely. Thank you Lyndsay for having such great friends! You rock, and I love you tons. And your friends. And your friends friends. I so enjoyed the time - what a great night. 

{Lynds & Laura, Laura & Kathryn, Charlotte and me, 
Laura, Charlotte & me, me & Elle}

{Cake time for Lyndsay!}

Then it was time for a work week but with some fun additions, Monday night we were having my Auntie Sandy and Uncle Jake over for dinner with my cousin John. It was a GREAT night of conversation and laughter. I made dinner and she made pies. Lovely. Tuesday we had our lifegroup over for a fall start dinner and bible study - it was great. We talked about faith. And then was Wednesday - Thursday AM I was leaving for the Island so I stayed home and made lunches for the next two days and dinners for the next two days. I was so tired by the time I went to bed! I sewed a button onto Paul's pants and then hit the hay. 

For the food while I was away I made a great system;
Lunches - Thursday, salad (cobb with quinoa) and Friday, BLTC (Bacon, Lettuce, Turkey and Cheese). 
Dinners: Before bed I put a Cheddar, Asparagus & Potato soup into the crockpot, and prepped the morning's crockpot meal. In the morning when I woke up I blended the soup and put it in the fridge for Friday's dinner and then combined my ingredients for that nights dinner into the Crockpot. Winning! That way, I could leave Thursday morning and the gang could still have a hot meal ready for them after school/work. Woo!

And that bring us up to now - with a Camp Recap still coming, as well as thoughts on this weekend. 

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The Porters' Lodge said...

I'm jealous -- you had dinner with my family. We'll have to do it next time I'm in Canada :)

Sounds like a fun couple of weeks.


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