Thursday, January 31, 2013

Parties, parties and more parties

This last weekend was a weekend of parties as this posts title would suggest. 

I had our house warming planned for the last month but since I'd been sick for the past two weeks not only did I not have time finish up some last minute jobs around the house, but I hadn't done any food prep. And being a good, responsible sickie I didn't do any work on my sick at home days - I rested and slept and read and slept and had baths. I also took anti biotics and lots of cough syrup. In terms of productivity it was a pretty unproductive few days.

But the fact remained that our housewarming party was coming up on the Saturday and I'd invited over 100 people to come for food and therefore at some point I'd need to start cooking some food, even if I didn't get the house in perfect party condition. I waited until the afternoon on Friday was finally feeling a lot better so I headed to Costco to do my shopping. I also hit up Superstore, Micheals and Ikea. Big day. 

Then it was time to head to my sister's. We currently have a homestay student with us for 3 weeks from Korea, her English name is Martina. Jenna also has a homestay student with this program, her English name is Lenice. Both Martina and Lenice have birthdays in the three weeks that they are here, so we decided to throw them a party....with all their classmates. So we headed over to the Maxwell's - it was the Maxwell's, us and 17 Korean students. It was super fun. Food, new friends and lots of fun. 

Lenice and Martina blowing out the candles

Martina and me

We played cards and spoons and instead of having people be "out" of the games, they could perform to stay in - apparently that's a Korean thing. So some of the students did "Gangnam Style", I did "I'm a little tea pot". Fun times. 

Back to the house - I meant to say that our fruit stands make me happy. 

Oh and speaking of the house - Paul put dish soap in the dishwasher.

Oh boy. 

Anyways all of Saturday I prepped for the party. 

I made wraps and dips and worked on recipes and it was awesome. I love cooking for friends. It was a great day. Super relaxing despite all the work. 

The party was scheduled from 4 to 11 - most people began to show up around 4:45. Between 4:45 and 9:30 there were about 70 people that came through the house, usually there was about 30 people at any given time. Oh man it was awesome.We had all sorts of friends come by - the Bartels from Chilliwack, friends from church, family etc. It was awesome. 

I didn't take any photos until partway through and even then I only got 3. 

It was a perfect night. I could not have been happier to have so many friends at our new house. I was so happy. 

Oh and this is Lindsay, I've been mentioning for some time my awesome friend Lindsay and this is her! She was so helpful at the party - helped with food, helped with conversation and helped with my spirits the few times I started to get tired. Not only was her husband an answer to prayer for Paul and I in regards to strong male friendships, but she is a definite answer to prayer for me as well! Thanks Nashville and California for giving her over to Canada!

Anyways, the last guests left by 10:30pm and our house was tidy by that time! Josh & Ana and Lindsay & John were all still hanging around so Ana and and Lindsay very graciously helped me clean up and pack away leftovers. Eventually Paul and I watched some SNL and then went to bed by midnight. 

I was awoken at 8:30am by a phone call - our new chinese homestay student had arrived at the airport an hour early! So I got dressed and rushed off to meet her, which was an adventure in itself. Chloe is very sweet. She's only 15 and we are excited to get to know her and introduce her to Vancouver. She is very independent and already has lots of friend in Vancouver, which is always a good sign of a great roomie. 

I was home by 9:30 and felt exhausted so I thankfully took a much needed nap until 11:30 and then got up to get the house ready for another big day. I was hosting a lunch for our womens ministry team to plan our next retreat and then in the evening I had 15 members of Paul's family coming over for a turkey dinner for January and February birthdays. I wanted to get the turkey into the oven before the lunch. Thank goodness I only needed to prepare drinks for the lunch, the ladies brought the rest. I ran out to the store for turkey bags - and promptly came home without turkey bags. So then I had to send Paul to the store.  

He is heroic and even though he started his practicum the following day and was slated to preach that afternoon he took the time to go to the store for me AND pick up flowers and my favorite Timmies drink. Now THATS a keeper. 

Anyways, lunch was awesome - Chicken Enchilada's by Leah and man, they were tasty. 

I set the table bright and cheery.

And liked it so much I did the same decorations for the dinner party.

Janice and Katie both brought parts of dinner, and I did the rest. People had generously given wine at our house warming and we usually stock beer at home, so there was lots to serve people without having to think much about it. I made up a new green bean recipe that I'm now in love with and had great success with everything I was making. 

Doreen and Ted came early to the party while the rest were at church - so Ted rested in the living room and Doreen and I chatted while I cooked. I enjoy my new grandparents so much and am thankful for them. 

In fact I am thankful for my whole new family - God has been so gracious to me. He has given me another set of parents in town, another set of family at church and even more family to visit in the states. Paul is a wonderful husband and if he was all alone he would still be a treat to be married to, but this whole family thing is icing on the cake!

I got to rest and enjoy the night - we chatted and ate and laughed and it was perfect. 

And just like that it was Sunday night and time to make 5 lunches for the next day, as well as lay out some clothes for the morning - the new week was beginning!

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