Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years

Wow - the support my family is feeling after yesterday's blog post is amazing. I am humbled to hear the reports of what my mom has meant to people flooding in all over facebook, email and the blog world. We can sometimes feel quite alone in the midst of the diagnosis so the support has meant a lot - every comment, note, email, message means something to us. Thank you. 

Normally my blog posts have between 40 and 80 pageviews (roughly translated as people reading) but this post is currently sitting at 260 and keeps growing. I love knowing that some of my mom's story is being shared. Plus I get to compile all the love and share it with her. Awesome. Even without being able to talk, my mom's story is still spread.

Since this is real life though, deep posts can sit next to fashion/update posts. I love that I don't have to only talk about Alzheimer's or only talk about outfits or only talk about food or crafting, etc. My blog is like me - filled with randomness. And I like it. 

I last posted about Christmas and our trip to America, Oregon specifically. We got home late on the Saturday and Sunday we were up and getting our house in order and preparing for life. I met up with Irene to go to Costco for food for the week and for our New Years Eve Party. It was great to catch up with her and to get our house fully stocked. Plus I loved my outfit. 

Scarf $3.5
Striped T $11.50
and the rest was in my closet

After getting home and working hard to get the kitchen more in order it was time for church. I was hosting the service and we were attending a party afterwards so kept the same boots and scarf but subbed in black tights, black dress and a black cardigan and got so many compliments on the outfit. I was stoked - the dress was only $15 at Old Navy and it was such  an easy outfit to wear. Super important!

My Dad was preaching at church - his lifegroup was hosting the service. They did a great job and were super cute. Dad was great in his message - I love getting to see him shine in area's he's gifted in - and he sure is a born teacher! And my mom was able to be a part of the lifegroup's skit which was nice to see. 

Then it was back home to keep working for a couple hours - chipping away at the house feels great. And yes I do realize I haven't shown you any pictures. That's for tomorrow's post :) 

After that we were headed to our friend Mike's house for a party. Well really it was the place he was house sitting at and since it's a gorgeous house he decided to have a fancy gathering. Everyone was asked to dress up and it was lovely. 

The spread was also great.

Though there was so much food, we barely made a dent!

Everyone chatting away in their finery. 
The boys were looking very handsome and of course the ladies looked gorgeous. As per usual.

Mike and Greg caught me snapping shots.

I left the party early because I had to work early in the AM. I ducked out alone and got to sleep by 10pm. With a 7am wake up, i was thankful for that!

Since I was sleepy and our bedroom is still VERY far from unpacked, I kept the same boots and scarf on and wore jeans, a grey cardigan and my white lace T shirt. Comfortable and work appropriate. 

You may have noticed how in love I am with this scarf/boot combo.
I can't help it - when you know, you know.
It's true love.

I got off work at 1:30 and headed home to have a coffee date with my Auntie Sandy, which was lovely. Then I packed up my stuff for the Chibota's since we were throwing the party together and headed over to their house for dinner and party prep. Paul got tired and ended up crashing on the couch, and the rest of us worked to prepare. I love working with Irene, we got to laugh, chat and be productive. Win!

We invited some of the young couples from church and some of TC's coworkers and it was a great party. Fun. Lots of laughs. And no weird disappointment at midnight - we had expectations of fun and they were achieved. Yes.

The spread - and this is almost at the end of the night.
So much food.

The desserts

Analee, Dylan, Deve, Leone and Andrew

Irene and I

Me and my sweetest love

Devin & Lydia

Irene, myself and Lydia

Much of the gang

Irene, myself and Leone

Deve, Leone, Andrew, Irene and TC

Guess who I kissed at midnight?
Hint: he's wearing garish stripes

Happy New Years!

We had a great time, arriving home around 2:30am which is way too late for me. I got to sleep in until 10 but Paul had to be up at 8am to go pick up some furniture. Since he'd gotten to sleep in the day before when I went to work, it seemed fair. And clearly, I'd be no help in lifting furniture.

At 10 I got up (ok, ok, you got me, I set my alarm for 10 and managed to crawl out of bed at 10:40) since we had friends coming over at 10:45 for brunch. I was excited for these friends though - Rebekah is one of my favorite friends. She lives in Washington so I don't get to see her as often as I'd like. I miss her living here like she used to! But I am happy for her move because she met her now fiance Tony in prison. Though they were both volunteering as chaplains...I just like to point out where they met. 

Anyways, I've met Tony twice and LOVE him. I think he is rad. Also him and Rebekah together make my heart super happy. Paul has yet to meet Tony since he's not been with me in Washington both times I've gone. Finally we were going to have the big Paul and Tony meet up and I can say it was a success. We had a lovely time over brunch with non stop conversation. There was some great deep conversation about relationships and it felt like the conversation was really helpful for all of us. I love times like that. 

This was the first time I'd seen them since their engagement on top of the space needle, so I was stoked to admire her ring and hug her in person! Also she asked me to be in her wedding, which I happily and excitedly said yes to. I can't wait to celebrate with them. 

Rebekah and I

After they left it was back to the grindstone. All I wanted to do was nap, but our house was calling to me. So I worked and worked and worked some more. At 4 my sister came over to help for a while (THANK YOU) and that was a needed push for energy. The house is now MUCH further along than before and the kitchen is almost entirely finished. I'm so happy. 

I worked until 7 when my body started to riot, so I invited Jodi over for a bit and her and I chatted on the couch for a couple hours while Paul worked on getting his office in order for school. I crawled into bed at 9:30pm very glad to sleep, especially with the 6:30am wake up looming.

The holidays were officially over. 

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