Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thoughts this week.

Y'allz, I'm sick this week.

The bad news is I've missed two and a half days of work thus far. My boss is amazing though; and our my wonderful friend Irene who is also our temp has stepped in and is also awesome. Normally when I am sick I am sick plus feel terrible guilt that my absence from work makes the day harder for my boss. So it's great to not have to worry and just focus on getting better.

The other bad news is that I cough through the night. Loudly. Poor Paul has had to head out to the couch for a third night in a row so he can actually get some sleep. My coughing is ridiculous and keep me up half the time as well - thank goodness for "Tylenol Cold & Flu - Severe."

The good news is I have finally had time to start watching the tv show Nashville. I've been recording it from the start but haven't had time to watch it. OMG. I love it. Not only do I get to see the familiar Nashville scenery but also the characters and storyline amuse me to no end. Love it.

The other good news is that I have gotten to spend the days in our new house - sick days in a house you love are so much better than sick days in a house you don't love. Especially since we have a dishwasher, meaning life is so much easier here. 

Even more good news is that my voice has been ravaged by this cold and I tend to think that "sick" voices are adorable, mine included. I, strangely, love it. Plus Paul thinks it's adorable that some of my words don't come out properly since there are certain sounds I couldn't hit. And every girls I've talked to in the last few days says my voice sounds cute, so that's a win. 

Today I work a half day and then am back full time. Thankfully my cold is finally clearing up and my voice is almost normal again. 

Regardless I wanted to check in here - there aren't any outfits to post since I've been in PJ's for days, food has been slow since I've been out of it and even if there were things to write about I enjoyed curling up on the makeshift bed Paul created for me in front of the TV to write anything. 

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