Friday, January 11, 2013


As I have mentioned before Pinterest inspires much of what I do – not why I do it, but how I do it. I love having the tools to try new ideas that push me outside of my comfort zone.

1. This week my outfits have definitely been PINspired.
Here’s what I wore this week

Somehow I’m missing Tuesday – I know I wore clothes that day though. And I’m fairly certain it was some combination again of bubble necklace, brown boots and blue blouse. I’m on a bit of a roll with favorites.

Mondays outfit was a take on an idea I’d pinned and recreated ages ago

This time I just added a black cardigan for warmth.

Wednesday I wanted to a) get away from my brown boots because I feel like I’m over wearing them (though I still LOVE LOVE LOVE them) and b) look pulled together since we had a big meeting in office that day. My pattern silk shirt is a go to for when I want to feel great. I got the idea to pair it with a statement bubble necklace from a bunch of pictures – I kept seeing pattern shirts with statement necklaces and thought that I should try.

Thursday I wanted to feel cute and comfortable – there weren’t any meetings in office and I knew I wanted to stay warm.

I love the cozy feel in this next picture
But also liked the fun addition of the necklace to this outfit

And today I laid in bed scrolling through Pinterest on my phone and felt blank about what to wear. It’s Friday so I can be more casual, but it’s the last day of the Fast so I want to dress nicely.

I remembered seeing a Pin with a grey shirt and turquoise statement necklace and was tempted by the thought of it. But all my T shirts are still packed (I’m terrible at unpacking) so I only have blouses. I didn’t know how to dress it up, but then I came across a Pin that is the full length version of the above first mentioned Pin and made a plan.

I realized that if I paired a cardigan with a short sleeve grey blouse that I have in my closet that I could in a dressier way do this style. Also it’s Friday so I want to take advantage of the fact that I can wear jeans, so rather than sticking with Black Skinnies, I went with Denim Skinnies and Black Boots.

I can’t express how much I enjoy outfits now. I’m so thankful for Pinterest. Seriously. And Blogs.

2. Not Pinterst Related

In case you wondered what I’m doing today…this…all day

Oh and yes, I did get more free things, thank you!

I picked up 5 of these last night for free. We needed 2 for student desks and we need more around our tables. We’re almost all full up, phew!

3. Pinterest Inspires my food

Since it was a fasting week and I wasn’t cooking all week I spent a lot more time planning future food than normal to help with the loss. I’m all meal planned up for the next month and have Life Group dinners planned until the summer #keeneralert

Pinterest has helped play a large role in food ideas. Here are the ones I’m trying this week:

For Saturday dinner with John and Lindsay: 

For Sunday: My favorite soup in the world - Olive Garden Love

And a week day dinner plan:
4. Life

This week has been busy but good –

Monday was a Deacon’s meeting, followed by a planning meeting for our upcoming Gospel Weekend
Tuesday was Life Group
Wednesday I was supposed to go our Church’s Women at Prayer but took at nap at 6pm and didn’t wake up until the next morning (Oops)
Thursday was sister hang out time and free chair pick up
Friday (tonight) ENV Breaking the Fast Celebration, followed by homemade burgers and homemade Fries with the Maxwell’s
Saturday (tomorrow) is for more work around the house (you can expect a blog update on our progress next week) and then dinner with the McCarthy’s (as mentioned above)
Sunday our new student from Korea arrives! Then it’s church and another Gospel Weekend Planning Meeting.

It will be a great weekend.
Hope yours is too!

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