Monday, January 28, 2013

On Bronchitis

I'm finally back at work. In the past two weeks I've missed 6 days due to sickness - the first week I was out Monday to Wednesday with a bad cold. I went back Thursday and Friday, and then over the weekend the cough got worse. I worked Monday and Tuesday but by Tuesday afternoon I left early to go to a walk in clinic where they confirmed that my cold had turned into Bronchitis. I'm a good little sickie so I stayed home Wednesday to Friday - I didn't even blog or edit photos - I rested and concentrated on healing. 

I did feed lifegroup, we did have friends over for dinner on Wednesday (Judy Barker and her kids - Judy was my old youth leader and she is awesome), we also had my parents over for dinner on Thursday as well - but none of those events was stressful nor did any of them involve me cooking much more than I would have had to for our family anyways. Plus seeing people revives my spirits. 

It was then a crazy busy weekend which I'll tell you about later - but for now I'll add that my cough is doing MUCH better and I sleep through the night now, which is miraculous. 

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