Sunday, February 10, 2013

Busy Days

I haven't blogged in a week or so. It's been BUSY.

All weekend I had my nephews over. Man - exhausting but so so fun. Those boys make me smile. On top of that I fit in hanging out with girls both Friday and Saturday night and went to church. Phew!

Then work was busy - every day this week I started at 7am and one day I worked until 5:30pm! We had a big crunch to get through and I was glad for the chance to pull my weight and really chip in. My days were filled with non stop work, and while that is tiring, it was so nice to run with straight up productivity.

On top of work I cooked for our house full - there are currently three people living with us - there were 4 of them for one night but then Martina's time with us ended and she headed back to Korea. Tomorrow though we have a fourth come to stay, Miho from Japan. Therefore we have two asian friends and two canadian friends now. Excellent. So feeding them involves planning. I usually either put something in the Crockpot in the AM or I at least thaw some meat in preparation for dinner. This week since work was long food involved more of a plan than normal. As well I knew ahead of time that Tuesday would be a late night, so I made sure to cook Lifegroup's dinner the night before - I only needed to bake it when I got home Tuesday.


Sunday: Pizza, half homemade

Monday: Overnight meatball casserole (prepped Sunday)

Tuesday: Spaghetti Pizza style (prepped Monday)

Wednesday: Random - leftover meatball casserole, Rice turned into Pesto Rice and Green Beans and Asparagus.

Thursday: Crockpot Italian Chicken w. potatoes and carrots

This morning before I left for work I through dinner in the crock pot. I am currently on a ferry heading to the Island and Paul has a school commitment after "work" (practicum for teaching). Therefore I had to make something that didn't involve either of us being here. Enter Crockpot Italian Chicken. 

Over the weekend I have left Paul 3 meals to reheat and one meal to fend for himself on. I left Chicken Alfredo w. Broccoli, Pasta with Meatballs and Creamy Chicken Taco's. On his night he cooked "Legit Chili". 

Anyways, life has been busy and full but I wouldn't have it any other way! I am so so so happy.

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