Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 17: Eugene, OR to Gresham, OR

Day 17, Tuesday: Eugene, OR to Gresham, OR
KM start: 162,829 Km
Trip Meter: 6,372 km
Time Driven: 3pm - 6pm

Tuesday was our last day in Eugene, we slept in a bit (muchly needed), repacked our bags after doing laundry and then headed back out to the U of O for some lunch. 

We ate at the Wild Duck

It was a very fun place.

I had a wonderful chicken avocado sandwich.

Then the four of us headed to Metropol Bakery for September 7th cake - which is Bob and Jeannie's anniversary date and the name of their favorite cake. 

Look at that cake!

Also, this is the photo I took that helped me lose my phone for a while. After this I picked up the fork to dig in and put my phone down on the table, we headed back to the house shortly afterwards. It wasn't until almost an hour later that I noticed it was missing and it wasn't anywhere to be the house, in the car, etc. Finally I called the bakery and an hour an half later they found it still sitting outside on the table. Thank you Jesus. So much relief!

We met up with Paul's old friend Andrew. They hadn't seen each other since they were about 13. It was great to see them reconnected. Watching them, I could see why they'd been friends. And they both love so many of the same things; God, guns, and hunting. Andrew was recently married, so they had that in common as well. It was a great visit, and a wonderful reconnection. 

We then headed away from Eugene (Paul's hometown as a kid), 2 hours down the highway to Gresham, OR (Paul's other hometown, where he lived right before he moved to Canada). Only instead of visiting friends that live there, we were going to visit his Canadian cousin Louanne who got married to Steve at the start of our trip. So the cousin he used to go leave Gresham to go visit in Canada is not the cousin he needs to leave Canada and go to Gresham to visit! So funny!

We discovered their houses are only about 15 minutes apart. So random. 

We had a great time with Louanne and Steve. 

They BBQ'd chicken

Notice the Hatch Chile's? Paul is so happy

Dinner was healthy and tasty.
That's how I like it!

Then we proceeded to have a WONDERFUL evening. 
Great conversation, lots of laughter, games, was wonderful. 

This is Paul telling a story - doesn't it look like he's trying to Dougie?

We stayed up until midnight playing cards and only stopped because we were all exhausted and had to get up bright and early....well bright and medium. We were all leaving the house at 10am to head out - us to Coeur d'Alene and the Miles' to Lake Chelan to visit with the Friesens and the soon to be LaMar's.

I wanted to grab a photo while we were there to prove it happened. Paul was sleepy. 
This was attempt one. Obviously it was a fail. 

I keep it because it proves that Paul was smiling.
Since this was attempt 2. 
Tired Paul is non-smiling Paul.

All in all it was wonderful. 

Louanne and Steve are great hosts, and they look so happy together. I loved watching them and getting to know them as a couple. Steve and Paul hit it off entirely - it helps that they're both gun owners, love to talk theology and thoroughly enjoy teasing/sarcasm. 

Why is it that so often a love of talking theology goes along with a love of being a pesk? I'll never know. 

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